The Increase in Data Science Education in India, Explained!

Data Science Jobs

Data science jobs and related roles are increasingly becoming some of the most coveted jobs across industries. This is partly due to how the data science field can cut across industries to be of value, but also thanks to its resilience in tough times and the needs it has responded to.

Data ScienceOver the past few months, colleges and academic institutions have seen a significant rise in enrollment in data science courses in India. The choice is wide– potential students can choose from full-time, part-time or short and snappy online courses to either fill a gap in their skillset or experiment outside their comfort zones.

Although the potential for online learning had been realised by many even a few years ago, certain situations contributed to its exponential rise in recent times.

WFH and Remote Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As lockdowns and shelter-in-place restrictions were imposed on countries all over the world, schools and colleges also had to pull down the shutters. Learning was taken online; in many institutions, exams and lessons were replaced by the opportunity to take online courses that otherwise wouldn’t have been accessible. Whether as a result of this or to fuel this trend, online education providers also reduced or waived off subscription fees and made certain courses available to all regardless of budget or geographies.

As a result, there was a surge in remote and online learning, not just from universities that students were enrolled in but also from coveted universities on the other side of the world. With the demand for data scientists expected to increase, professionals see new opportunities for growth. This, in turn, fueled the desire for upskilling and even pivoting careers as the economy slowed down.

Exposure to Global Universities and Opportunities

Online learning has made courses available in virtually any country from international universities and institutions. By making education accessible globally, online learning significantly increases the scope of the curricula as well as the teaching standards. Another benefit of this exposure is also the ability of graduates and professionals to connect with industry experts in other countries.

Data Science

Enrolling for data science courses in India that are offered by global universities is also a fantastic learning opportunity.

It exposes students to data science landscapes in other countries as well as lays bare the scope and possibilities they have well within their reach.

Once countries open up and travel restarts, students might also consider physically enrolling in these universities to explore topics further. Having a certificate or two in your portfolio indicates to the interviewer or the recruiter that you are interested and have done preliminary research which has only served to whet your appetite further.

Completely Online Courses

Until very recently, full-fledged online courses weren’t popular or even encouraged by governmental departments in India. Indian universities and colleges have not been permitted to deliver over 20 per cent of a degree online for several years. However, in the first move of its kind, the government gave the green signal for fully online courses in order to democratize education and erase barriers to learning caused by transport, accommodation and overall access.

The approach to fully online degrees is still cautious and restricted to particular subject areas. That said, it is still a welcome shift, especially for those looking to find data science jobs but lacking the access to opportunities that a lot of metropolitan cities and countries enjoy.


Online learning has significantly cut down barriers to entry that involve finance and access. It is a welcome step towards democratizing knowledge and making certain domains of the job market accessible to virtually anyone with a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Seeing as data science jobs are set to increase in number, now is the ideal time for this surge in data science education, so that students are well-prepared for roles of the future.

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