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Executive Certificate Programme for

Strategic Chief Marketing Officers

Batch No.2

Empowering present and future CMOs

10 Months

Live Online + Campus Immersion

Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Course by IIM Raipur

About The Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme

This is a cutting-edge CMO training program curated for high-potential emerging leaders and aspiring Chief Marketing Officers. The insightful curriculum develops and enhances future business leaders' strategic, operational, and technological leadership skills and prepares mid to senior-level marketing professionals to master core marketing concepts. The 10-month online CMO program, in collaboration with Imarticus Learning, enables the learners to achieve faster vertical career progression, launch global business initiatives and attain the company's business goals. The distinguished faculty imbibe diverse perspectives, and IIM Raipur campus immersion provides the knowledge exchange to craft compelling business solutions and practical approaches.

New-age CMO Training Program

This program will provide exposure to modern-day management problems that CMOs of today are expected to solve. The participants also get the opportunity to engage with other CXOs within and outside the organisation.

Curriculum Designed For Leaders

The CMO program covers an in-depth syllabus to build a solid foundation to understand the customers, craft successful marketing strategies, execute business decisions and implement business master plans to attain the organisation's goals.

IIM Raipur Executive Alumni Status

Upon completing the CMO program, the learners will get access to a network of distinguished IIM Raipur executive alumni and the official alumni portal. They also get a special privilege to join the nearest city chapter. In addition, they can participate in most on and off-campus events as well as receive alumni-related communication from IIM Raipur.

Enhance Professional Profile

As part of this program, our learners will meet and interact with their peers from different organisations, CMOs, and industry experts. During the campus visit to IIM Raipur, professionals will get a chance to network with industry pioneers, enhance their knowledge and build meaningful relationships.

Masterclass Sessions by CMOs

Access the minds of high-profile marketing leaders who have implemented revolutionary business decisions as part of the 5 masterclass sessions planned throughout the program to provide real-world insights into the concepts covered.

Game-Based Simulations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing design, strategy, and management through the strategic lens of a CMO with the help of some engaging marketing simulations.

Become a CMO of the Future

Effective Storytellers

Strategy Pioneers

Customer Champions

Growth Drivers

Innovation Masters

Capability Experts

Excel through the most modern approach

Participants will get an opportunity to play the role of a CMO, make tactical and strategic decisions about customer acquisition, retention, and development in the real business world.

Learn to increase corporate market valuation by maximising customer value through developing a customer-centric strategy

Learn to maximise customer lifetime value (CLV)

Get hands-on customer acquisition, retention and development tactics based on customer heterogeneity

Understand Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems

What makes this program at IIM Raipur exceptional?

What Makes IIM Raipur Strategic CMO Course Exceptional

About IIM Raipur And Imarticus Learning Collaboration

IIM Raipur
Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani - Director, IIM Raipur

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Imarticus Learning to provide cutting-edge CMOs with premier marketing training. We blend IIM Raipur's leadership education expertise with Imarticu ...See More

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani,

Director, IIM Raipur

Prof. Anubha Dadhich - Chairperson, EL&D Office, IIM Raipur

We are delighted to partner with lmarticus Learning to offer a premier marketing course to business professionals looking to improve their marketing abilities. We seek to provide our students with the ...See More

Prof. Anubha Dadhich,

Chairperson, EL&D Office, IIM Raipur

Mr Nikhil Barshikar - Founder & MD, Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is pleased to announce a partnership with IIM Raipur, a pioneer in leadership programs, to provide an exceptional Executive Certificate Programme for next-generation CMOs. The progr ...See More

Mr Nikhil Barshikar,

Founder & MD, Imarticus Learning

Program Directors

Prof. Pravesh Kumar Padamwar

Prof. Pravesh Kumar Padamwar

Assistant Professor (Marketing) at IIM Raipur

Dr. Pravesh Kumar Padamwar is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at IIM Raipur with a Ph.D. from the same institute and a B.Tech. in mechanical engineering from NIT Calicut. His research interests in... See More

Himanshu Srivastava - Professor Of Marketing, IIM Raipur

Himanshu Srivastava

Professor of Marketing, IIM Raipur

He is a faculty in the department of Marketing Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Raipur. He completed his PhD from IIM Indore and MBA from Medicaps Institute of Technology and Manageme... See More

Projects that you will work on


Understanding Buyer Choice/Rejection/Experience Processes for Complex Services

The Example of Montessori Private Schools

This note develops a comprehensive new set of concepts to understand buying processes of parents choosing among complex educational services using the example of Montessori private schools


Changing Consumers' Meat Preference

Beyond Meat

The case study aims at understanding consumer behaviour towards the consumption of plant-based meat substitutes


Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign

Ariel's #ShareTheLoad

This note develops a comprehensive new set of concepts to understand buying processes of parents choosing among complex educational services using the example of Montessori private schools


Designing the Research Questions & Questionnaire

Fruitzone India Limited

The case analyses how to design & conduct market research

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We blend IIM Raipur's leadership education expertise with Imarticus' competence in providing learners with future-focused programs through the Strategic Chief Marketing Officers.

Understand Customers and Markets through Data by Revisiting Marketing philosophies in the context of consumer, business and global markets and theories involving Marketing Intelligence, marketing research, consumer behaviour and service marketing.

Marketing Intelligence & Research

Exploring Marketing Frameworks for Global Markets

Analysing Consumer & Business Markets

Basics of Consumer Behaviour & Service Marketing

Explore essentials of strategy for different elements of marketing such as Brand, Product, Service, Pricing, Marketing Communication, Retail and Rural Marketing.

Essential Elements of Marketing Strategy (Brand, Product, Service, Pricing & Communication)

Elements of Retail Marketing Strategy

Essentials of Rural Marketing Strategy

Understand the social media landscape and explore A to Z of campaigns using Social Media including emerging trends, engagement on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Understanding the Social Media Landscape

A to Z of Social Media Campaigns

Evaluating Social Media Engagement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

Evaluate the consumer decision-making process using heuristics, qualitative & quantitative data to formulate strategy and its execution for rural and urban markets. Experiment with different facets of decision-making in the digital world, leveraging marketing analytics to implement creative & innovative strategies.

Consumer Decision-making Process

Quantitative & Qualitative Data-driven Decisions

Heuristics-based Decisions

Decision-making Process in the Digital World

Leveraging Marketing Analytics

Decision-making for Urban & Rural Markets

In this ever-evolving market, explore innovative strategies for demonstrating leadership in aspects such as Service, Product, Pricing, Distribution and Communication.

Product Leadership

Pricing Leadership

Distribution Leadership

Communication Leadership

Service Leadership

Explore strategies for internal stakeholders to rally towards a common Vision & Mission, facilitating competitive service offering, pricing, product development and branding by leveraging competitive landscape, advanced consumer research and ethical marketing.

Role of Vision & Mission

Understanding Competitive Landscape

Competitive Pricing, Product Development, Service Offerings & Branding

Advance Consumer Research

Ethics in Marketing

Who Can Participate In The Strategic CMO Program?

Professionals with at least 5 years of experience who want to lead marketing and become a CMO of the future.

Executive Certificate Programme For CMO Course Certificate

Admission Process

Admission Process
Admission Process

Program Fee

₹ 2,59,800+ GST

Registration Fee

₹ 25,000 + GST

1st Instalment

₹ 80,000 + GST

2nd Instalment

₹ 80,000 + GST

3nd Instalment

₹ 74,800 + GST

Note: Registration Fee includes non-refundable application fee of ₹ 2000 + GST


About The Program

As IIM Raipur Executive Alumni, participants can avail of the following benefits for 3 years

  • Accessing IIM Raipur portal access for information
  • Special privilege to join the nearest city chapter
  • Accessing a network of distinguished IIM Raipur Executive Alumni
  • Attending on and off-campus events
  • Receiving alumni-related communication from IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur seeks participants with high intellectual rigour and intent to learn to complete the program. Participants will benefit by attending all Sessions of a given course. They will be eligible for a participation certificate upon meeting the attendance criteria. Candidates will only qualify for successful completion upon fulfilling the attendance and course evaluation criteria.

Admission to this program involves a rigorous review of your resume and your statement of purpose by the IIM Raipur Admissions team.

Only participants with demonstrated fast-track career progression and high learning intent required for CMO roles will be admitted into this program.

Selection is by invite only and on a rolling basis. Therefore, we generally overbook our batches. In case of overbooked batch size, applicants in earlier selection rounds who have received their provision offer letters and paid registration fees to block their seats will be preferred over applicants from later selection rounds.

A special discount offer exists only for a minimum of five nominations. A discount of up to 10% on the program fee may be offered for bulk nominations of 5 participants or more from a single Corporate. However, the discount's extent will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

Classes are conducted over a live online platform. Classes will be tentatively scheduled over weekends, either on a Saturday or Sunday, in two sequential sessions of 75 mins each with a 15 min break in between. The schedule is defined at the discretion of IIM Raipur.

The program design is well balanced between the day-to-day commitments of the participants and what is expected of executives in a Strategic CMO role. The curriculum includes a good mix of case studies, projects, working sessions, Masterclasses, and Simulation exercises.

The inclusion of Wharton Interactive's Simulation exercise will provide participants with much-needed hands-on experience with what it means to be a CMO.

Moreover, our series of masterclasses from marquee CMOs will help participants relate to the day-to-day functioning of the CMO office under different contexts through a different lens.


The minimum education qualification for candidates to apply for this program is UG Qualification. Either Diploma (10+2+3) or Bachelor's Degree or equivalent (10+2+3) or (10+2+4) with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

Candidates with two years of Master's Degree or equivalent from a recognised University (such as UGC, AICTE, DEC, AIU, State Government, etc.) in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks are preferred.

Candidates require a minimum of 5 years of work experience post-completion of the qualifying education mentioned above.


The Program fee can be paid in 2 instalments



Registration fee(including 2,000 + GST non-refundable application fee)

₹ 25,000 + GST

1st Instalment

₹ 80,000 + GST

2st Instalment

₹ 80,000 + GST

3st Instalment

₹ 74,800 + GST

Yes, there is. Please talk to our counsellor for more details.

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