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Executive Certificate Programme for

Strategic Chief Operations Officers

Implement Data-Driven Programmatic Strategic Initiatives as a COO

10 Months

Live Online + Campus Immersion

Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Course by IIM Raipur

Join the Best Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic Chief Operations Officers

IIM Raipur and Imarticus Learning have designed an executive certificate programme for strategic chief operations officers. You can lead a new era of strategic chief operations officers by acquiring the strategic, operational, personal, and technological skills you need through this 10-month program. It offers more than 150 hours of interactive sessions led by the skilled IIM Raipur faculty. This certification program will teach you the abilities in this crucial field and help you advance into C-suite roles.

Curated C-suite Training

The curriculum is carefully designed to equip learners for the new-age COO role, emphasizing up-to date perspective on the position, particularly in relation to Supply Chain Management.

SCM Globe Simulations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of supply chain design, development, and management through the startegic lens of a COO, coupled with foundational insights into strategic decision-making.

CXO Masterclasses

Benefit from the wisdom of distinguished CXOs, acquiring practical knowledge about various facets of the COO role. This includes mastering strategies to adeptly navigate the common challenges faced within the COO office.

Campus Immersion

Experience life at IIM first-hand during the campus immersion at IIM Raipur while engaging with peers and senior members of the faculty body at IIM Raipur.

IIM Raipur Executive Alumni Status

Earn the most coveted IIM Raipur Executive Alumni status and gain access to benefits such as the official alumni portal, the nearest alumni chapter and invitations to alumni events.

Build Your Social Net-Worth

Interact with peers from diverse sectors and network with industry leaders from around the world and while enhancing your knowledge and establishing valuable relationships during the program.

SCM Globe Simulations

Master supply chain synergies by exploring real-world case studies, anchored by industry experts!

Cincinnati Seasonings
In this simulation exercise learners will work on the supply chain design of “Cincinnati Seasonings” an American company located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Learners will get exposure to the basics of balancing the responsiveness and the efficiency of a supply chain.
Paramount Restaurant
In this simulation exercise, learners will work on the supply chain design of “Paramount Restaurant” a Hyderabadi Biryani restaurant based out of Hyderabad, India.Learners will get exposure to how to maximise supply chain performance to increase company profits.

Learn to accurately model any supply chain by defining just four entities:



Mode of Transport


Learn With The Leading IIM Raipur

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Among the top 5 new IIMs

Ranked 14 as per NIRF 2022

Delivered by top IIM faculty

3-day campus immersion at IIM Raipur

About IIM Raipur and Imarticus Learning Collaboration

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani - Director, IIM Raipur

We're happy to announce that we've partnered with Imarticus Learning to provide a top straegic chief operating officers programme. With this effort, we intend to provide top strategic chief operating ...See More

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani,

Director, IIM Raipur

Prof. Anubha Dadhich - Chairperson, EL&D Office, IIM Raipur

We are delighted to partner with lmarticus Learning to offer a premier marketing course to business professionals looking to improve their marketing abilities. We seek to provide our students with the ...See More

Prof. Anubha Dadhich,

Chairperson, EL&D Office, IIM Raipur

Mr Nikhil Barshikar - Founder & MD, Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is pleased to collaborate with IIM Raipur to put together a premier course for top-tier operations and strategic chief oprating officers. Through this partnership, we are confident ...See More

Mr Nikhil Barshikar,

Founder & MD, Imarticus Learning

Program Directors

Jighyasu Gaur

Professor of Operations & Quant Methods

Dr Jighyasu Gaur has over 15 years of academic experience having been associated with TAPMI, Manipal and IBS Hyderabad. He has received several awards including the EEDSA 2012 from the POMS, USA. He h... See More

Sayed Shabbirul Haque

Associate Director, Miebach Consulting Group

Mr Sayed Shabbirul Haque is a seasoned business leader with rich experience in industry and management consulting. His expertise spans a breadth of functions – business strategy, financial modelling/v... See More

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The program has 6 modules, that cover critical aspects of supply chain management and operations.

Re-look at the basics of operations management with a quick view on quantitative techniques and quality management such as process improvement, control and six sigma essentials.


Introduction to Statistics

Probability Distributions

Sampling, Sampling Distribution

Hypothesis Testing

ANOVA and Regression Analysis

Process Improvement

Statistical Process Control

Process Capabilities

Six Sigma

Apply the principles of design thinking in formulating a supply chain strategy and implementing risk pooling. Utilize modern supply chain analytics solutions from the perspectives of the firm, supplier, and customer.


Introduction to Supply Chain Management Strategies

Supply chain analytics & strategy

Network Design in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Contracts


Make-or-buy Decisions

Coordination in a Supply Chain

Transportation Planning, Management and Execution

Inventory Management in a Supply Chain

Aggregate Planning and Sales and Operations Planning in a Supply Chain

Sustainability in Supply Chains

IoT 4.0 in Supply Chain

Masterclass 1 - Typical Suppy Chain Challenges

Use the fundamentals of design thinking in formulating a supply chain strategy and risk pooling. Leverage new-age supply chain analytics solutions from the perspective of the firm, supplier and customer.


Modelling and Analytics



Demand Planning


Factory Flow


Revenue Analytics

Design Thinking

Supply Chain Strategy

Risk Pooling

Masterclass 2 - Leveraging Emerging Tech for Formulating New-age Supply Chain Strategies

Explore various aspects of sourcing, such as category sourcing, internal vs. outsourcing, contracting, and contract management. Understand the elements of procurement, the procurement-supply chain interface, managing supplier relations, sustainability, and procurement systems.


The Role And Importance Of Procurement

Organisational Buying Behaviour

Models of Industrial Buying

Procurement Process Management

Major Bottlenecks

Principles of Manging Procurement

How Procurement Develops

Rationale of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Process

Risk Assessment

Critical Success Factors in Outsourcing

Category Management

Procurement Portfolio Analysis

Classifications of Services

Pre and Post Contractual Services

Procurement in Sourcing Services

The Agency Theory

The Contracting Process

Contract Models

Subcontracting and Project Execution

The Nature of Public Contract

Public Procurement Process

Material Requirement Planning


Coordination Problems between Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Framework for Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Quality Assurance

Supplier Development

Procurement and Innovation

Effective Co-innovation with Suppliers

Procurement with Purpose

Procurement and CSR

ISO 20400

Procurement Organisation

Organisation Structure within Procurement

Procurement Competencies

Source to Contract Solution

Purchase to Pay Solution

E-SRM Solution

Simulation- SCM Globe Simulation on Expanding a Supply Chain

Gain exposure to the role of finance in supply chain management. Analyse the flow of information, goods and capital based on financial considerations. Understand the design, challenges and other factors impacting the performance of the supply chain.


Importance of Supply Chain Finance

The Ecosystem

Trends in Supply Chain Finance

Philosophy of Network Financing

Linkages and Dependences Buyer-led Supply Chain Finance

Reverse Factoring

Reverse Securitisation

Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing

Pricing Models of Outsourcing

Evaluating Return on Investment of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Models and Pricing

Transportation and Logistics-related Problems

Credits to Merchants and Customers

Swings in Demand during Festive Seasons

Interaction of Working Capital with Inventory Policy, Production Policy and Spend

Trade-Off between Multiple Dimensions of Supply Chain for Improved Financial Performance

Financial Implications of Managing a Multi-item Inventory

Demand Uncertainty

Social Responsibility

Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain-driven Supply Chain Finance

Form a strategic view on building capabilities within and outside the firm. Understand the importance and essence of building and aligning to a vision and mission, designing and managing a high-performance team, fundamentals of corporate governance and including sustainability in supply chain design.


Strategic View

Building and Aligning to a Vision and Mission

Organisation Design and Management of High-performance Teams

Corporate Governance, Change Management and Effective Communication

Sustainability in Supply Chains

Masterclass 3 - Building and Grooming 2nd Level Leaders

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Earn Your Certification From IIM Raipur

Eligibility: Senior professionals with 5+ years in the supply chain or operations functions

Executive Certificate Programme For CMO Course Certificate

Admission Process

Admission Process
Admission Process

Program Fee

₹ 2,64,000 + GST

Installment Schedule



Registration Fee

₹ 25,000 + GST

$ 500

1st Instalment

₹ 94,000 + GST

$ 2,000

2nd Instalment

₹ 88,000 + GST

$ 1,000

3rd Instalment

₹ 57,000 + GST

$ 1,000

*includes the non-refundable application fee of ₹2000 + GST


About The Program

As IIM Raipur Executive Alumni, participants can avail of the following benefits:

  • Each executive alumni will receive a unique alumni ID
  • Access to a network of distinguished IIM Raipur Executive Alumni
  • Access to the IIM Raipur Campus Library (onsite access only)
  • Access to the program brochures and newsletters from IIM Raipur

Executive Alumni Fees will be applicable as per institute policy.

Admission to this program involves a rigorous review of your resume and your statement of purpose by the IIM Raipur Admissions team. Only participants with demonstrated fast-track career progression and high learning intent will be admitted into this program.

Selection is by invitation only and on a rolling basis. We generally overbook our batches. In case of an overbooked batch, applicants from earlier selection rounds who have received their provisional offer letters and paid registration fees to block their seats will be preferred over applicants from later rounds of selection.

A special discount offer exists only for a minimum of five nominations. A discount of up to 10% on the program fee may be offered for bulk nominations of 5 participants or more from a single corporate. However, the extent of the discount will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

Classes are conducted on a live online platform. Classes will be tentatively scheduled over weekends either on a Saturday or Sunday in two sequential sessions of 75 mins each with a 15 min break in between. The schedule is defined at the discretion of IIM Raipur.

The program design is well balanced between the day-to-day commitments of the participants and what is expected of executives in C-suite roles. The curriculum includes a good mix of case studies, projects, working sessions, masterclasses, and simulation exercises.

IIM Raipur is one of the fastest-growing B-Schools among the new IIMs. In just 5 years, its ranking in NIRF has jumped from 21 (NIRF 2018) to 11 (NIRF 2023). IIM Raipur is at the forefront of an attractive talent pool from Academic and Industry joining B-Schools.

The Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic COOs is the premium offering of IIM Raipur, where learners are walked through the nitty-gritties of the COO role including day-to-day functioning. This program distils decades of experience of senior faculty at IIM Raipur with a blend of experiential learning through Masterclasses and Gamified Simulation to enable learners to transition into / become influential COOs.

Eligibility Criteria

A special discount offer exists only for a minimum of five nominations. A discount of up to 10% on the program fee may be offered for bulk nominations of 5 participants or more from a single corporate. However, the extent of the discount will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

IIM Raipur seeks participants to have a high level of intellectual rigour and intent of learning to complete the program.

Participants will benefit by attending all sessions of a given course. They will be eligible for a participation certificate upon fulfilling the attendance criteria set.

Candidates will qualify for successful completion only upon fulfilling the attendance criteria and the course evaluation criteria.

Program Fees

Installment Schedule



Registration fee

₹25,000 + GST


1st Instalment

₹94,000 + GST


2nd Instalment

₹88,000 + GST


3rd Instalment

₹57,000 + GST


Yes, there is. Please talk to our counsellor for more details.

Any kind of refund of paid installment is not permissible once a participant has been admitted to the program. The fees and other dues, once paid, under no circumstances are refundable, adjustable, or transferable unless approved by the institute. For additional details, kindly refer the refund policy section of the admission letter.

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