The Career Path and Salary for a CFA holder

CFA or Certified Financial Analyst is considered as a very prestigious credential when it comes to the world of finance. Those professionals who are able to clear all the levels of this exam are ushered into this charter, which consists of world-renowned finance professionals and lucrative career opportunities. It is a common belief that all those finance aspirants, who are looking to pursue CFA, are usually looking to earn big in their respective careers. While this may be the case, there are certain things that every CFA aspirant must know about. Firstly, that this examination, is really a tough nut to crack and this by no means is meant in a demotivational way. Any candidate must do a thorough research about this examination, before attempting it. This research must include the amount of time one must spend studying, as well as the various opportunities and salary trends in this field.

According to a certain statistical data of the year 2014, it was concluded that all the charter holders, or those who crack the CFA exam, usually opt for a career in Portfolio Management. This is mainly because it is considered to be the highest paying career option herein and close 22% of the applicants, chose to pursue their career in this field. While 15% of the CFA holders opt to become a Research Analyst, about 7% opt for Chief Executives, Consultants (6%), Risk Managers (5%), Corporate Financial Analysts (5%), Relationship Managers (5%) and Financial Advisers (5%). So if you are a finance aspirant looking to crack this prestigious examination, the four top positions that you should look at as career options, would be Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Chief Executive and Consultant. Let’s move on to the employers, who are known to hire the cream of CFA holders, across the world. These employers are most often top investment banks like JP Morgan Chase, PwC, HSBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, Ernst & Young, RBC, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and so on.

Studies show that about 60% of the CFA charter holders are usually residents of the United States of America. While according to the CFA Society of Chicago USA, the median compensation, for any fresh graduates and CFA charter holders would range anything from US$215,542 annually to about $ 154,025 per annum. Whereas, on the other hand, for someone who is just a graduate and does not hold a CFA charter, the salary would be anything around or more than US$ 85,875 per annum. Apart from USA Europe also pays these charter holders handsomely, thus a CFA charter holder would earn anything between $124,000 per annum. While it is the country of Australia, that is known to pay the highest salaries for CFA holders, while in India, it is the city of Bangalore, which pays the most.
There are a number of people, especially in India, who attempt to clear this examination every year. While most of them choose to get trained professionally, from Imarticus Learning, to better their chances of entering this coveted charter.

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