Best Books For Financial Modeling

A lot of people all over the world believed at one point, that with the advent of the exciting field of technology, books would go on to become entirely redundant. While it is very true that today, the world is a little too addicted (read dependent) upon technology and all things that it has provided, there are absolutely no signs of books becoming obsolete. With the new and exciting developments of e-books, if anything the demand for books has multiplied a dozen. All one needs is to read a book from cover to cover and one would discover an entirely new and different side to themselves. This is the reason why a lot of people today are taking to books, because of the sheer exposure to knowledge that one would get herein.
Financial Modeling is one very attractive field, which is known to offer lucrative career opportunities to any finance aspirant, looking to make it big in the world of business. While there are a number of excellent professional training programs, when it comes to getting trained. Like for instance Imarticus Learning is one such institute that offers excellent professional training programs in, financial modeling as well as other branches of Finance, such as asset management, portfolio management, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and so on. Taking up courses like these, after one completes their regular graduation courses, can help give the candidate an edge over their contemporaries. This holds true especially if you’ve been looking to work with top Investment and Financial Banking Firms like, JP Morgan, Delloite, Deutsche Bank, Goldman and Sachs and so on. Like mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no dearth in terms of book on Financial Modeling, if you are looking to master the art. Here are a few books, which would serve you a long way.

Financial Modeling (MIT Press), Simon BenningaFinancial Modeling (MIT Press), Simon Benninga

This book is considered to be one of the most comprehensive, best books especially when it comes to Financial Modeling. Anyone who is just beginning to get a grasp of this field, can turn to this book. Apart from that, those candidates who have knowledge about VBA, Advance Excels and complex financial modeling might also find this book helpful.
Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA, Chandan Sengupta

Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA, Chandan Sengupta

This book focuses on providing information about everything in depth, about financial modeling. Reading it, you will not only be able to master the basics of financial modeling, but also learn to study VBA. It is a great reference book for those looking to explore this field. The section on forecasting makes for a great part of this book.

Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA, Chandan Sengupta

Financial Modeling In Practice: A Concise Guide For Intermediate And Advanced Level, Michael Rees

As the title suggests, this book is not really suitable for novices or beginners. It includes applications as well as concepts in proper ratios in terms of financial modeling. The examples referred to here, can very well as act as real time case studies, making them absolutely helpful for professionals in this field.

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