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With the growing commercial and technological advancements in the global markets today, Finance and Analytics are quickly becoming one of the most lucrative careers in the business world. Finance & Analytics play a major role in data evaluation for businesses to streamline decision-making processes.

They mainly inform the investment decisions of the companies by researching the microeconomic and macroeconomic situations with the organization’s principles. The professionals in these fields also prepare financial models that project future economic conditions.

Many businesses also hire them to evaluate the efficiency of their marketing techniques in comparison to the cost using numerical data. They also work in franchise-based businesses to track the individual franchise or a group and evaluate their positive and negative points to speculate the growth of the business.

Importance of Finance & Analytics

In this competitive world, businesses today need on-time data to formulate decisions for business. Every company needs good financial and analytics planning to utilize its resources in the best way possible.

Finance and Analytics Courses

The changing needs of businesses and the emergence of new models are making it crucial for companies to have sound Finance and Analytics professionals that help them improve their decision-making

Shape the business goals and plans for optimal performance. The Finance courses and Data Science Course with Placement help businesses to run efficiently and attain their aims fast.

Scope of Finance & Analytics

The careers in these fields are highly coved in the business industry with a good pay scale. The professionals in these fields have ample job opportunities in sectors like banks, pension, insurance companies, mutual funds, and securities firms, etc. Since they assist people in their financial decisions and investments, they can also open their own offices and work as self-employed.

They can also do accounts, auditing, taxes, and prepare financial statements. They can also specialize in other segments like Cost accountancy. The work scope of Finance and Analytics professionals also includes tasks like account management, secretarial work, share valuation, etc.

Job Opportunities

The wide scope of Finance & Analytics allows professionals to find employment in a range of sectors. They can find job roles under the following titles:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Account Trainee
  • Analyst - Back Office
  • Accounts Trainee
  • Assistant Consultant - Business Analyst
  • Junior Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee - Finance
  • Research Analyst - Option Strategist

The pay range in these roles is also good. The average pay of a Financial Analyst in India is around INR 40,000. With experience, this number multiplies manifold.

Educational Requirements

To build a substantial career in these fields, one needs to have in-depth knowledge along with a good practical skill-set.

Fintech Online CoursesFor this, students can join vocational programs in Finance and Analytics from reputed institutions. Imarticus is one such renowned organization that is offering courses in these subjects to train students and make them job-ready for the business world. By learning these courses students get:

  • Guaranteed job interviews
  • Comprehensive, industry-approved curriculums
  • Hands-on, experiential learning with cutting-edge technology
  • Training by industry experts and veterans
  • Extensive career support and assistance
  • Certifications accredited by world-class organizations
  • … And so much more!

Learning with Imarticus

Imarticus Learning is organizing the ‘Great Indian Futuristic Talent Drive’ offering good discounts on its various courses for the festive season from 21st October - 27th October 2020. You can avail of the following discounts by registering in the drive:

Finance and Analytics online coursesFee Waiver on PG Classroom Programs - Up to 25% off

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Fee Waiver on Classroom CIBOP & ProDegrees - Flat 15%

With the online learning mode of Imarticus, you get the facility to learn at home.

Thus, keeping safe during the pandemic and productively using your spare time to upskill yourself for an excellent career.

Register today and make your learning fun & affordable!

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