What Should Graduates Do In a Tough Economic Situation? Imarticus Learning Has an Answer!

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It was discouraging for the jobseekers to learn that the global economy has received a major blow from COVID-19 outbreak, leading to a hiring freeze. Fresh graduates are among the most affected by the hiring freeze. Many of those who bagged a job through campus selection are being notified that the offer has been rescinded.

When the COVID-hit job market is seeing a surge of experienced professionals who became the victim of the financial crisis after the pandemic, freshers are struggling to find an employer who is ready to invest time to train them. Students perusing online courses are more worried about their future.

Online ClassesWith many online classes providing little mentoring or placement assistance, they are struggling to find direction among this chaos. Fret not, the future is not grim, it is just different. So, what should fresh graduates do in this crisis? Read on to find the answer.

Industry Partners

Imarticus has partnered with the leading names in the market to co-create a curriculum based on preparing the students to deal with real-life problems. Enrolling in such experience-based courses give the students an edge in the market. Imarticus has a good placement record with eight out of 10 students placed in leading organisations.

Have a Clear Goal

What should you do if you do not see job openings in the target industry? The easy way out is to settle down with any job that comes your way, be it a generic one. But, is that what you want? Did you take up your favourite course to do a random job? The current situation suggests that the economic crisis is going to stay for some time. So, you need to learn to live with it, instead of waiting for everything to settle down and the market to kickstart, you need to find ways that could eventually land you on your dream job.

Take time to Introspect

The question is how prepared are you to make the most of this momentum? Are you market-ready? Are you visible to your prospective employers? Given that many skilled professionals are looking for a fresh start or a career change, you need to make sure that you mark your presence so that your resume does not get lost in the sea of applications. Well, how to do this? To get a head start, visit talent concierge services and be a part of the talent pool. Your profile will be listed and accessible to the companies who are on a lookout for talents. Imarticus has a pool of more than 100 mentors who guide the students to find a job in this difficult situation.

Plan a Strategy

Devise a plan. Figure out what you want to do, understand the most relevant experiences needed for your target role. See if you need to enrol for online study classes to build more skills. Use this time for all those time-consuming things. Equip yourself with relevant certifications. If the target role demands hand-on experience, try for internship opportunities.

Online LearningMany internship opportunities offer a chance to convert into full-time positions. You may also consider volunteering or working for a non-profit organisation. Check for online platforms and groups where you get to interact with like-minded people who work in a similar role or the same industry. Look for open projects and try to contribute. Grow your network and seek opportunities. Look for meetups in your city and try to be a part of it. If you are confident, venture out to entrepreneurship.

Imarticus alumni platform is a wonderful place to meet like-minded professionals many of whom have already secured a job or ventured into start-ups. They are excellent resources not only to build your network but also for guidance on having the right strategy to win a job.

Being a fresher is indeed a challenge in the current situation. But with the right strategy and wise usage of time, you can overcome this crisis. Invest time in skill-building, strategizing, networking, and introspection. Find a mentor who can help you create a plan. Explore an opportunity to give back – volunteer or work for a non-profit organisation. Think out of the box and find ways to get experience in your target roles.

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