The modern CFO - Guardian of financial risk management

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The modern CFO - Guardian of financial risk management

A CFO is a financial executive responsible for meeting the company's financial goals. The CFO oversees the company's budgeting, planning, and resource allocation processes; conducts economic analyses; manages risk management; monitors performance indicators; monitors cash flow streams; reviews internal controls and audit procedures; coordinates with outside auditors regarding matters related to accounting standards or interpretations of applicable laws or regulations.

Working closely with corporate treasury

Corporate treasury is the department that manages your company's cash flow, including payments to suppliers and vendors. Corporate treasurers work closely with finance officers to ensure their companies have sufficient funding for operations and capital expenditure projects. 

Focus on the long term

A modern CFO must be able to see the big picture and the impact of decisions in the long term. CFO needs to evaluate any determination regarding its short-term and long-term consequences and financial implications for an organization.

Embracing technology

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Technology is a critical component of the modern CFO's role. It offers a competitive advantage and helps you to be more effective in your work, which creates value for your company. The technology can also help you work more efficiently and collaboratively with other departments within the organization.

Helping to manage cash and liquidity

Cash and liquidity are the most significant risks in any business. They can cause massive damage to a company's finances.

CFOs must be the guardians of this new reality because there is no room for error regarding cash management. The CFO needs to understand how much money is coming in and going out, how quickly it comes or goes, and whether any unexpected events like fires or floods could affect things from a financial perspective (or even an operational perspective).

CFOs will have to be the guardians of this new reality.

As the guardian of financial risk management, the CFO will have to be the eyes and ears of every department. The CFO must understand how data get used, who uses it, and why they do so. If a new technology comes out, that could change the way we do business, or if a new regulation comes into play that could make things more difficult for your company—you want your CFO on top of these things right away!

While the shift to digital and artificial intelligence will continue, we can expect more disruption in the years ahead. To prepare for these changes and take advantage of them, CFOs must be ready to adapt their skillsets—and even their thinking—to keep up with a rapidly changing world.

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