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Fintech Certification course

The modern world is revolutionized by technology and much of its services are taking the digital route. Financial systems have also gone through a similar makeover. And, technology and finance have integrated to form fintech. Notably, fintech disrupts traditional financial structures and brings in the integration of technology into the financial structure through software or a digital ecosystem. 

Currently, India has one of the highest adoption rates. The value of digital payments in India was $65 billion in 2019 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent by 2023. So, without much further ado, let’s get into the important and interesting field of fintech and how a Fintech Course is just what you need to give a boost to your career. 

Fintech certification Course

Current uses of fintech

Currently, fintech is in high demand in the job market. Fintech is integrated with several other technologies like artificial intelligence, data analysis, blockchain, and robotic process automation. These technologies can help to identify fraud, measure credit scores, streamline workflows, and secure cryptocurrency transactions and storage.

As the world is moving towards digitalization, applications of fintech are increasing and entering into areas like crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter), regulatory technology, insure-tech, and mobile payment platforms. 

Benefits of fintech career

There are numerous benefits of pursuing a fintech career: 

Finance Technology - The Future:  With the rising tide in this sector, a fintech course is the present and will remain as the future of the industry. With the world changing in every aspect and the invention of new technologies, fintech will start evolving more and more.

So, planning a career based on the future can be the right move with the minimal risk of failure. As per a 2017 report, 95 percent of financial services were looking for a partnership with fintech. And, India also has the highest ROI in investments in the fintech industry (going up to 29 percent, which is higher than the global average of 20 percent). 

The abundance of jobs: Fintech is one such sector in the job market that has a wide number of job opportunities. Apart from having a stable job, one gets to navigate the numerous sections of this niche. A fintech career can help you get jobs in several roles.

You can opt to become a fintech innovation consultant. Under the role of a fintech innovation consultant, you can take up several areas to work on. You can work as a marketing consultant or a strategy consultant which will help you promote or integrate startups with fintech solutions. 

You can also take up techno-functional analyst roles to analyze existing problems within a structure where important financial data is being transferred to the finance team. Fintech innovators can also act as consultants to help manage risk and develop innovative solutions to seamlessly integrate fintech and startup managements.

Besides, you can take up the role of a product manager who would use innovative concepts like integrating DevOps and Scrum into the system and set the direction for startups to optimize their costs and increase productivity.

Another role of any fintech specialist could be UI/UX designing. Since it is important for a website to be intuitive and optimized for any customer engaging with the fintech ecosystem, a proper UI/UX design can help build that relationship and promote a healthy fintech ecosystem to work with. 

Job security due to a variety of interdisciplinary subjects: One of the most important things essential in a job is the security it gives. All the career choices in the fintech sector have high job security with exceptional perks and benefits.

This is because the role of a fintech specialist involves an understanding of AI and ML systems, blockchain, and data analysis. All these specializations are booming in the current tech world. So, fintech specialists can be quite flexible with their job options. 

Fintech course by Imarticus

Imarticus Learning in collaboration with SP Jain School Of Global Management has come up with an excellent course specially customized and tailored for students who wish to make a career in fintech.

SP Jain Fintech Certification CourseThis sophisticated yet simple Fintech course gives students a substantial grasp from the very basic roots to the advanced features of fintech. Specialized subjects like cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), are taught to students so that in the future they can implement them in real-life applications. 

With a great future ahead, fintech is turning out to be a lucrative career option. So, why not take a chance to grow in this brilliant field with cutting-edge technology and shine in life. Wait no more, become a part of Imarticus, and be ready for the future. 

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