Breaking the Data Science Myths For a Better Career!

Data science career

Data Science is a scientific discipline that employs algorithms, statistics, processes, and analysis to gain insights and understand in-depth unstructured data. Data Science is a very useful branch of science which is becoming widely popular among organizations.

It helps predict results and makes decisions in a variety of tasks. Data Science involves machine learning principles and analytics to understand patterns and find information.

Data Science Career

Data Science, as a field, evolved after the 90s. Today, it is a widely adopted and used AI platform. Data Science career is becoming a hugely in-demand profession globally.

And as with many other popular jobs, the job of a data scientist is also associated with a lot of myths. But myths are natural. Any attractive thing induce thoughts and beliefs in people’s minds and these can result in myths.

If you are looking to build a career in Data Science, you need to uncover the myths related to this profession as myths can impact your career choices. In this article, we will burst the common myths of Data Science.

No compulsory Ph.D. required
Yes, you read that right! A doctorate is not mandatory for the role of a data scientist. The data scientist profession is divided into two parts - Research and Applied data science. If you are looking to pursue a career as an applied data scientist, then all it requires is the knowledge of basic applications of techniques, the functioning of algorithms, and an in-depth understanding of this field.

However, if you want a research role, then it is good to have a Ph.D. as it will involve working on research papers, creating new algorithms, etc.

Online courses or Part-time degree are acceptable
Contrary to the popular belief, a person need not have a full-time data science degree to pursue a career in data science. There are many online data science courses, part-time or correspondence degrees available that equip you with the knowledge required to pursue this career. All you need is the right skill-set and passion for the field of data science.

Background in Specialized Subjects is not necessary
Data Science is a combination of different subjects like Programming, Communication, Computer Science, and Mathematics. It is important for data scientists to possess knowledge of all these subjects, as each of them plays a major role in a successful data scientist career. Programming is needed to understand data hierarchies and develop algorithms.

Communication is needed to reach out to people and convey them useful information in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Mathematics is needed to deal with structures, models, and designs. Computer Science is needed to incorporate different strategies and plans in the projects. However, one need not have a background in any of these subjects to become a data scientist. A good understanding of all these sectors is enough for a fruitful data science career.

Related Previous Work Experience is not required
Anyone with work experience in any technology related to the field of data science is enough to build a career as a data scientist. One can also step into this field without any relevant technological experience. However, in that case, you will start with the beginner level.

One must equip themselves with the domain knowledge and skills required for this role to become a successful data scientist.

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