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Financial accounting is a significant aspect of the corporate world, from business to investment. It is the process that evaluates and determines the performance and sustainability of a company, project, budget or other finance-related transactions. In addition, financial analysis is typically used to calculate the stability and profitability of a business before investing. 

A financial analyst is an individual who has to assess economic trends, develop policies and identify projects for investment or long-term business activity. So, if you are planning to learn financial analysis, read more about this domain.

The Importance of Financial Analysis

Finance is a tricky business area that must be dealt with caution and precision. Analysing the financial statements of a company or project is crucial before investing. Financial analysis is necessary to calculate the profitability of a prospect. This helps in avoiding losses when it comes to business or investment.

About the Financial Analysis Prodegree by Imarticus

In collaboration with KPMG, Imarticus brings a financial planning and analysis course that is career-focused and all-encompassing in this domain. This course is essential in understanding finances and developing a specific skill set.

Key highlights of the Financial Analysis Prodegree:

  • Experiential learning, i.e. industry-oriented practical curriculum supplemented by six real-world projects.
  • Live training by senior faculty and experts from KPMG India to make your learning exciting and interactive.
  • Tech-aided instruction
  • The LMS gives access to all course material and self-paced videos on one convenient platform.
  • Career mentorship comprises mock interviews and creating resumes.
  • Syllabus designed in association with KPMG to ensure industry-aligned learning.

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This is the perfect finance course with placement offers. The Financial Analysis Prodegree is a 180-hour course that will last for 13 weeks. It includes 25 hours of training by KPMG experts and dedicated placement assistance throughout the program.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Week - 1-5: Accounting and financial modelling
  • Week - 6-9: Valuation and corporate strategy
  • Week - 10-13: Equity research, M&A, job readiness

Significance of the Financial Analysis Prodegree

Since finance is one of the most vital aspects of business, every student in this domain must acquire skills to enhance his/her career. With its practical learning module, the Financial Analysis Prodregree by Imarticus places the acquisition of skills as its top priority. In addition, exposure to six industry projects will hugely help the students to gain confidence and improve their resumes.

In this course, there will be 25 hours of training by KPMG experts through live sessions. These sessions will add value to their knowledge as well as provide motivation. Moreover, Imarticus uses the latest technology to make classes interactive and exciting.

Speaking of technology, Imarticus has formulated an advanced LMS to provide students with the best possible educational experience. All the classes remain recorded and available, which the students can play at their convenient speeds along with reading through the study materials. 

The career services at Imarticus allow students to seek real-time guidance from experts. The mentors are there to resolve any career-related query and provide one-to-one sessions. In addition, experts will guide the students through mock interviews and advice on resume building to allow smoother placement opportunities. 

Imarticus is also leading in its placement options. This skill-based learning with real industry projects will boost the students' confidence and will increase the chances of placement. They can also expect substantial assistance when it comes to placement opportunities. Imarticus alumni are currently working at companies like Accenture, Wipro, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered, Infosys and other reputable organisations.

In a nutshell, this course will enable you to understand fundamental accounting concepts, read and analyse a company's balance sheet and financial statements, and build a financial model. In addition, you will have industry certificates that testify to your financial skills and boost your resume. Enrol in this course and get an additional chance to be placed at one of the top business and finance firms.

To sum up, the Imarticus Financial Analysis Prodegree is an ideal course to not only learn financial analysis but also transform your career into various roles in finance. With great placement opportunities, this course is the ideal destination for students looking for a career in business and finance. The collaboration with KPMG makes this course more inviting and worthwhile. The first-hand experience will also help avoid any mishaps in your monetary decisions going forth. 

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