How To Increase Employee Retention Through Employee Onboarding Training Solutions

How To Increase Employee Retention Through Employee Onboarding Training Solutions

Strategic employee onboarding is a priority for many firms. Companies that invest in finding the right employee onboarding training solutions are more likely to see higher engagement levels, faster skill gains, and lower attrition.

The concept of a 'career for life' is getting more outmoded and irrelevant in the modern workplace. Many reasons, from the promise of better compensation and benefits at other places to discontent with career growth in their current role, can make employees quit.

How Does Employee Departure Affect Companies?

For the HR team, replacing departing staff can seem like a never-ending game of catching up. What can one do, then, to keep employee turnover in check? How can one make an effective employee retention plan and keep the best employees?

Companies can increase employee retention with robust employee onboarding training solutions. According to research, companies with sound onboarding procedures increase productivity by over 70% and new hire retention by 82%.

How Can Employee Onboarding Training Solutions Assist Companies?

Given that losing an employee might cost up to 6 to 9 months of that employee's salary, it is obvious that an engaging employee onboarding plan is a must.

But how does it help?

1. Promoting New Hires

Strong onboarding programs can help employees feel engaged and perform well right away. Allowing new hires to put forth their best effort can make them feel integrated and important in the organisation, lowering the chances of them quitting.

Employees are more likely to get along with coworkers and senior staff members if they are made familiar with the policies and culture early on. This gives them a better idea of how the company functions and how they fit in.

2. Making New Hires Feel Appreciated

By using strong employee onboarding training solutions, HR heads can make the program inspiring. As first impressions matter, this makes the employees feel valued. One must ensure that the onboarding process includes strategies for using constructive criticism. Teaching a system of honest feedback will benefit both the business and the employees. This form of criticism and review process ensures that the new hires do not feel attacked but feel appreciated for their work.

3. Making New Hires Feel Comfortable

The transition following the hiring process should be made smooth and include more training. This way, the employee can feel more supported and at home in their new setting. It also keeps people engaged, which is a major factor in lowering staff turnover.

Another employee onboarding solution to use is introducing recruits to other team members during the onboarding program. This can help them feel more integrated into the work culture. As they become more familiar and comfortable with their teams, their loyalty is ensured.

How Does Training the Staff Help?

Employee retention is improved by training programs that upskill and reskill. These programs give employees customised learning in their own fields, thus improving satisfaction by almost 3.5 times.

Employee onboarding training solutions are customised for the firms and their employees. This ensures employee participation and engagement.


With a strong and resource-heavy company like Imarticus Learning, firms can help their employees enrol in programs that are worthwhile and evolved. Imarticus delivers top-notch knowledge from renowned universities around the world. It balances classroom learning and real-world experiences by stressing experiential and hands-on learning.

Trusted by a range of industries and backed by many honours, Imarticus Learning provides access to full libraries of employee onboarding training solutions. With Imarticus, firms can lower staff turnover, saving the company time, resources, and money and keeping the company stable.

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