How Employee Onboarding Can Improve Engagement and Performance

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How Employee Onboarding Can Improve Engagement and Performance


The method through which new employees are welcomed into the company is called onboarding. It includes actions that enable new workers to know the company's structure, goal, culture, mission, and principles.

For some businesses, employee onboarding training solutions comprise one or two days of operations. For others, the procedure may comprise several months of operations.

Onboarding and orientation are sometimes confused as one. While orientation is required for paperwork and other basic activities, onboarding is a process that involves the management and other employees. Onboarding can continue for up to a year.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 29% of recruits feel equipped and driven to flourish at their new work. At the same time, just 12% of employees think that their employer did a good job with onboarding. These employees are almost three times more likely to appreciate their position.

Excellent Onboarding Improves Employee Performance

One of the most vital benefits of employee onboarding training solutions is the effect it has on employee performance. A fixed onboarding approach shortens output time and improves new-hire performance by up to 50%.

Managers should include goal-setting and performance assessments in the employee onboarding training program to better prepare and assist the new staff. This allows new recruits to learn what to expect in the future. It also shows that the firm will help them by giving clear feedback and direction. To receive feedback on onboarding procedures, companies may even plan surveys for new hires to understand employee engagement.

Developing smart goals provides recruits with specific aims to strive toward. Clear objectives solve any doubts about what new workers must achieve. The degree to which an employee can create and fulfil goals is a vital sign of success, giving the business an idea of how employees will function in the future.

Onboarding Solutions Support Employee Engagement and Retention

If the firm wants to boost employee retention, engaging them is crucial. Engagement begins with onboarding. 20% of turnover occurs during the first 45 days of work. Employees who are closely engaged with the work are 87% less inclined to quit. Also, of employees who undergo a great onboarding program, up to 69% will remain for at least three years. When done well, employee onboarding training solutions may increase retention levels by up to 82% and engagement up to 54%. Effective onboarding plans include more than simply documentation, setting up technology, and teaching new workers about their duties.


Employee onboarding solutions assist new recruits and HR professionals in completing administrative chores promptly and accurately. They automate time-consuming tasks so the company may focus on connecting with new workers. With an organised, effective onboarding procedure, businesses can engage new recruits, encourage them to accomplish more, and maintain their potential. An employee onboarding solution makes it simple to implement company onboarding initiatives, track their efficacy, and assist new recruits in becoming efficient, engaged workers.

Imarticus Learning assists firms with digital onboarding solutions that save time, allowing firms to focus on vital tasks. They evaluate the necessity for skill enhancement and create tailored training solutions that support the firm’s goals. Further, they use quantitative techniques to alter the workforce. Imarticus Learning has worked with over 300 firms and helped over 35,000 learners earn an average pay increase of 54%. They also have a placement rate of 85%.

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