Covid-19: How Imarticus Learning Successful in Online Learning That Compensates For Campus Experience?

Online Learning

COVID-19 has set many new normal in almost all aspects of life. Learning is one of those areas which are severely affected by COVID-19. When the global health crisis set its foot in the country, it jeopardised the dreams of thousands of students who were looking forward to exciting campus life. Campuses shut down when the pandemic started to spread in the community, taking away the best thing students love about the campus education – the campus experience.

When the government called for a lockdown, inevitably, all campuses had to opt for online classes. Needless to say, it was a huge blow to the students’ expectations of an exciting academic year. While many campuses struggled to match the experience an active campus life can offer, Imarticus Learning made a distinctive mark by providing unmatched experience through their distance learning programs.  Here is how they did it.

On-Campus Course Vs Online Learning

On-campus learning has many perks as compared to online learning. The most important one is the peer-to-peer interaction. It opens the windows to a wider world, with every student bringing their bit of knowledge to the campus ecosystem, and discuss everything from the syllabus to career opportunities.

Another factor that sets campus education apart is the involvement of faculties in the learning process. Learning from a teacher has more advantage over self-learning. Direct interactions and doubt clearing sessions are the best part of campus education.

Career fair and campus interviews are something every student look forward to. Many campuses offer placement assistance and conduct orientation sessions to help their students secure a good job as they finish the course.

Distance learning generally lacks all these perks. Traditional distance learning courses offer little support to the students. All they get is a set of reference materials which they can learn at their pace. While some online courses offer contact classes and assign projects through their off-campus centres, others just send a set of reference material to the student.

Imarticus Learning

Online Learning

Imarticus Learning has a completely different approach to distance/online learning. The distance education programmes are designed in a way that mirrors the regular on-campus courses. They adopt an industry-first approach to ensure better employability after the course. The state-of-the-art online learning system with highly tech-supported classes make the courses no less than the regular classes.

Alumni Network and Mentors

One of the striking features that differentiate Imarticus from their competitors is a strong alumni network of more than 35,000 ex-students. Many are industry experts and are good resources to approach when you complete your course and become market-ready. While this alone is a good support network, there are more than 100 active mentors offering guidance to the students. These stalwarts will help you understand the respective industry, help you accustom to the industry standard and trends and respond to your concerns and doubts regarding your career.

Placement Assistance/ Guarantee

Imarticus has successfully developed associations with more than 480 global firms. This enables them to offer an interview guarantee or assistance depending upon the course selected.

Revolutionizing Online Learning

Imarticus has been revolutionising online learning with their innovative approach and guaranteed job assurance. Recently, they introduced an ISA model, where the students need to pay their course fees only after securing a permanent job with a minimum salary package of ₹500,000 per annum. The fees can be paid in 36 installments each payment amounting to 17% of their monthly income at 0% interest.

Partnering with Market Leaders

No matter how good your curriculum and knowledge base are, relevant experience is what gives you an edge in the job market. Imarticus has partnered with market leaders like KPMG to help the students jump over this hurdle. The students will get to deal with case studies from the partners thus dealing with real problems and finding feasible solutions.

With the right approach, newest technology, and a wonderful supporting structure, Imarticus has proved that online classes can be as productive as the on-campus courses, if not more. They have invested in an innovative approach to help their students to have an edge over their competitors while racing for an opportunity.

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