Covid-19 Impact on Banking Training! How Imarticus Helped The Students To Get Trained and Placed?

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The banking industry in the COVID-19 landscape  

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought almost all economic activities to a standstill. To protect human life from this deadly virus spreading like a wildfire, governments around the globe imposed lockdowns in their respective nations. This pandemic has defined a state of new normal for all of mankind.

Customer behaviour has also changed owing to this pandemic. Some of the positive changes that came along with the state of lockdown are the increase in online shopping, online payments, digital banking, online education, etc. These industries were already growing but the current pandemic scenario has given it a massive push.

Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted businesses in almost every industry, it also had a direct impact on the functioning of the banking and finance industry in addition to the indirect ones that came in the form of economic slowdown and reduced business activity. This economic slowdown has led to a reduction in consumer demand that has impacted small and medium businesses majorly. To stay cash flow positive and manage their operations, these businesses have to rely on financial aid provided by banks and financial institutions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted business across the majority of industries and has left a dent in the economies but it has also boosted the growth prospects for business in the digital landscape. People are staying inside their homes and are afraid to go out and shop, this has created a huge demand for online shopping and e-commerce companies are benefitting from this like never before. Everything you need can be ordered online using your smartphones by making payment through your digital wallet or other banking services.

Now the interesting thing to note about this growing trend is that it has also boosted the prospects for the banking and financial services industry. It has given a major push to digital banking services and people are getting more accustomed to making financial transactions online using their smartphones. This has created a demand for qualified professionals in the banking and financial services industry. This employment opportunity has also increased competition among candidates.

Wealth management course can help you provide a comprehensive understanding of the banking and finance industry. It is very beneficial for those look to excel in commercial banking related roles, it will help you obtain an edge over your competition by imparting you with relevant knowledge and skills needed in the industry. Commercial banking training has seen a surge in demand in the contemporary COVID-19 scenario as there is a huge demand for professionals in the commercial banking industry to cater to the growing needs of the customer.

This has happened because we are moving towards a cashless economy and more people are transacting using progressive services such as a digital wallet. This has reduced the dependency for cash transactions and has resulted in more number of banking transactions. The fear of the spread of Coronavirus has also added to this changing customer behaviour, to be safe from the risk of contamination, people are relying on using the digital medium to purchase everything.

 Bridging the gap with Imarticus

Banking is an essential service for businesses and individuals alike; our dependency on money is such that we can’t survive without the services of the banking sector. Even during the times of Coronavirus, we need banking services. The demand for professionals in the banking and related sector is still on the rise even when most other businesses continue to fail.

Wealth Management coursesImarticus Learning’s banking and wealth management courses have helped people to learn about this industry and obtain a thorough understanding of the functioning of this sector.

The courses are focused on providing a practical understanding of the subject so that the candidates are trained to do the job even without any additional assistance from the organisations. This has also reduced the training cost for organisations that rely on the services provided by Imarticus. Imarticus has helped over 8000 professionals to get placed with some of the most reputed organisations in the industry including Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Reliance Capital, etc. The courses are specifically created to help with your employment prospects. Wealth management course with Imarticus will definitely help you achieve your career goals.

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