Will retail banks become extinct? What we know

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Will retail banks become extinct? What we know

Customer banking habits vary significantly from one country to another. However, the pandemic has made some of these habits a global trend. The new age technologies and startup culture are challenging the existence of retail banking in the world.

Today, many application-based solutions are available in the market that enables you to transact and do more with your money at a click, without the need to visit the nearest bank retail outlet. Global researchers say that it's not far that retail banks will become extinct. However, one thing that could save them for a while is adopting new-age technologies.

Unlike earlier, wherein doing business with international bank establishments was a glamour statement, today, it does not hold that value; instead, it is the digital experience of convenience, speed, efficiency, and interface.

Digital technology is a hygiene thing today and requires heavy investments by banks to make the most of the customers' loyalty. It is just like a mobile service. You port to another mobile service provider if you do not get good network coverage. A similar trend is in the making in the banking space.

With a large portion of the population highly tech-savvy today, they need a robust digital banking platform that enables them to make their transactions – deposits, withdrawals, investments, and payments – on the move. Therefore, this leaves lesser chances of failure for banks than win clicks. The banks require a workforce that is engaged, technologically sound, and in sync with the changing times in the banking space. Moreover, the ones who can be integrated easily without much training are ready to take on challenges and upskill their capabilities as they move further.

 Imarticus Learnings' Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance prepares you for the changing banking trends and provides a platform to upskill and align with the needs of the industry. The course curriculum is designed to keep the ever-changing customer behaviour in the retail banking space in mind. Our faculty, with more than two decades of experience in retail banking help, provide an interactive learning environment led by case studies, industry interactions, and tech-back sessions. The module offers all-rounded learning and the ability of the aspirants to start contributing to the workplace they join from the very first day.

The retail banking courses training allows you to leverage Imarticus Learnings' 400+ partnerships with top-tier hiring firms in the banking space. Our placement partners include Motilal Oswal, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Edelweiss, and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

How to join Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance?

Imarticus Learnings' Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance is a tailor-made program for those who want to make a career in retail banking or financial services. The program requires the aspirant to take an admission test and, post the relevant results, can enrol in the program.

What does the Program offer?

The program offers 300+ hours of in-depth skill enhancement training in the latest industry practices. It is a placement-focused certificate program with a professional certificate in banking and finance. The aspirant also gets certified in Mutual Funds by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). This NISM Series V A - Mutual Fund Distribution certificate allows you to build expertise in Mutual Funds.



What is the Learning Module?

The learning module involves real-world use cases, business scenarios, practical assignments, industry interactions, and tech back sessions to gauge aspirants' progress and prepare them to be the contributing lot from day one at the workplace.

To Know More, click on Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance (imarticus.org)

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