Python is better than javascript. Here's why

learn Python for data science

Python is better than javascript. Here's why

In this digital age, everything around us functions as a result of some programming. Therefore, programming is an incredibly beneficial skill to have in 2022. There are several online programming languages that you can learn. Currently, Python is an in-demand programming language for various reasons and is widely used by beginners and seasoned programmers alike.

Before choosing which language to learn, you must first know what you wish to accomplish by learning the language. Python is the best option for data analytics. With its vast number of libraries, it can handle almost any task that you throw its way. Meanwhile, JavaScript is the best choice for web development. It's versatile and easy to use, and it is the ideal choice for designing various apps.

You might also want to engage with recruiters, senior developers, or employees at firms across industries to find out which languages are preferred in a particular industry. This will help you understand what language is ideal for you for the task you wish to accomplish or the type of firm you want to join.

In this blog, let’s see how Python is better than JavaScript:

Easy to learn and beginner-friendly:

Python is widely known for its simplicity. Here’s why beginners choose Python over JavaScript:

  • It is easy to understand and write; thus, it’s more readable. On the other hand, JavaScript is comparatively difficult to debug.
  • There are fewer lines of code when programming in Python than in other languages like C or C++.
  • There are fewer syntactical rules in Python. For example, you do not have to add a semicolon after every line of code. On the other hand, in JavaScript, many additional characters like curly brackets and semicolons are required to make the code meaningful.
  • It has a wide range of frameworks available (Python libraries) which contain pre-written code that will help you to speed up your project creation.
  • There are many Python Tutorials available on the internet that allow you to learn Python online for free. Hence, it is a very accessible programming language.

This being said, interest is also a factor in w. The more you are interested in learning the language, the easier it will be to learn. More importantly, you must spend more time developing actual projects rather than just learning the syntax.

Python is a versatile language:

Contrary to the belief that Python is only for the back-end, you can actually use it for general purposes too! It is versatile in terms of the application, as it is used on the server side as well as the client side. However, do note that Python can be used on the front end—but it is not advisable to replace languages designed for the front end with Python. 

Python is gaining a lot of popularity among developers. Given its applications, it can be considered the future of programming languages. There are a lot of frameworks (Python libraries) available which can be used for data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Preferred language for data analysis:

Although JavaScript is very popular, it cannot perform all types of tasks. Data science is a booming field where specialists have to analyse and manipulate data to achieve an end. Data scientists have to use many languages to accomplish a single task, and one of them is Python. You can use JavaScript for data science, but specialists do not prefer to use it. Why? 

  • Python offers many data science packages and built-in functions, whereas JavaScript has limited options.
  • Python is a better choice for data science, as you will find many “how-to Python” tutorials online and other related tips.
  • You can perform actions quickly through Python or R languages.

Hence, if you are inclined towards a data science career, Python is the way to go, as it is more efficient and structured for this path. There are several Python training courses or Python tutorials available online to help students and tech enthusiasts learn this magical tech language.

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