Who Can Do Agile Certification

With the constantly evolving age of digitalisation and technological advancements, software development if not longer just traditional. This is where agile steps in to address the modern software needs of most businesses or organisations. With this arises a need for agile certification among young tech professionals in the IT sector.

If your interest likes in taking your career skills a couple of notches higher, the best idea is to sign up for an agile certification course. Not only does agile teach you the latest skillsets but also lends skills that are accepted on a global level, which means your resume has a possibility of standing out in the crowd.

Why an Agile Certification

Most organisations look for experienced and skilled professionals with an understanding of project management; experience in agile certification along with working technical knowledge does the job. In case you are looking for a change in your career prospects, it may turn out to be highly beneficial for you to consider pursuing a career in the agile domain. Some of the added benefits that come with an agile certification course are:

● Better job prospects
● Fatter paychecks
● Added credibility
● Enhanced skill sets in accordance with market trends

Who can do agile certification?

Agile certification courses require a couple of prerequisites as listed below-
● You have to atleast 2000 hours of working experience on teams or set PDUs
● You need an agile practice that needs to be of 21 contact training hour duration
● An additional 1500 hours of working on methodologies of an agile team is also important
● A minimum of 12 months of project management experience is essential

Top agile certifications for you

Merely making up your mind for an agile certification course will not do the trick. There is a multitude of options in the market, some of which may confuse you for good. Listed are the top agile certifications you can consider-
ACP is commonly known as the Agile Certificate Practitioner and is amongst the best in project management certification courses. This certificate is tailor-made for professionals who are considering moving to agile and pursue project management interested in using project methodology.
Agile Scrum professionals can also pursue a course in Certified Scrum Development or Certified Scrum Management. Both options are ideal for you if you are interested in scrum project management.
A CSP or Certified Scrum Professional is a top agile certification along with also being one of the best project management certifications. A CSP course helps you prepare for various roles and practices followed in agile along with getting you well versed with the procedures of the basic framework in scrum.
The Professional Scrum Master certificate is for professionals who already have a fair amount of working knowledge of agile. Perfect for you if you are already a scrum developer, scrum master or a scrum product owner, this certificate validates your knowledge in agile and scrum.
An up and coming avenue, agile certification is a good training methodology for tech professionals looking for a switch in career opportunities.

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