What is Agile training ?

In the field of software development, agile is the ability to respond to changes – changes from requirements, technology, and people. In contrast to the traditional methodology of heavy-documentation, process-oriented and back to back approach, agile offers an iterative and incremental process where a task is broken down into pieces and each task is performed for a particular time interval. Agile is termed as an approach and not a methodology.

Since agile is not a methodology, there is no specific way to implement it. It cannot be learned and implemented like any other concept. Hence, agile training is very important.

Agile training is termed as the process of teaching agile concepts to a company or an organization for successful project management. The agile development process involves direct collaboration with customers. Each iteration of the process lasts from one to three weeks where the software is developed in multiple increments and engineering actions are carried out by cross-functional teams.

Agile implementation can be done with the help of several frameworks such as scrum, kanban, and XP. Out of all these available frameworks, scrum is the most widely used for agile implementation. More than 90% of the estimated agile team use scrum. Hence, scrum forms an essential part of agile training.

Scrum Framework
When we say that scrum is an essential part of the agile training, the question that comes to our mind is, what is scrum in agile training? how does it contribute to the agile approach?  how to implement scrum so that the agile concept is maintained?

In software development, a client asks for the product to be developed according to specific requirements. The agile team comprising of scrum master, product owner, and scrum team divides the total work into parts. Each such part is one to a two-week-long period where the scrum team comprising of the developers, testers, etc. work on the committed part of the work for that duration.

During each sprint, considerable feedback is given to the members of the agile team to produce the desired result. The development in sprints continues until the entire product is delivered to the client.

Agile training
Agile is not something that can be mugged up or by hearted. It is a way in which things can be looked at. Several certifications in agile such as CSM (Certified Scrum Master), Certified Disciplined Agilest (Exam: CDA) is available.

Agile training not only imparts knowledge about its frameworks but also teaches the importance of project management. It helps in the proper planning for project execution and adds a clear focus on the achievement of the desired goals. It improves leadership skills by helping the agile team to bring the best out in them.

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