What Are The Tips To Prepare For a Hadoop Interview?

The popularity of big data has been growing at an immense rate opening the doorway to a spectrum of jobs that require skilled professionals. Noteworthy among these is the job of a Hadoop developer; challenging, technical and well paid, Hadoop is known to be one of the best segmentation of big data and analysis and a developing platform for candidates interested in a career in data science.
Learn Hadoop to pursue a career as a Hadoop analyst, Hadoop developer, or a Hadoop Architect, Hadoop tester among other job roles on the Hadoop platform. If you are looking for a career in this domain, it is highly essential to understand that a Hadoop developer not just created codes in programming but is also expected to have an expertise of multitasking while as his job, which includes programming in Java, writing scripts, reviewing log files, scheduling jobs across clusters on Hadoop amongst others.
Basic skill set for a Hadoop interview
Hadoop works with a number of other software like Ambari, HBase, Hive, Pig and more, therefore, knowledge of technologies is essential. While it is important to also have an idea about other visualization and ETL tools, SQL, gateway and edge nodes, basic cloud computing, some of the must-have skills an interviewee needs to possess during Hadoop training include JAVA, Hadoop Framework, Pig, HDFS, MapReduce, and Floop.
Tips to prepare for a Hadoop interview
Cracking a successful Hadoop interview does not essentially mean having specified skillsets but also ensuring that all of the interviewee’s questions are addressed. While Hadoop in big data is a relatively new concept, here are a couple of tips to help you prepare better for an upcoming Hadoop interview.
Knowledge of Programming Languages
Java experience is as important as it can since Hadoop is a software-based on Java. If your career path monitors progress from C++ to Java, nothing like it. Knowledge of other programming languages like OOAD, JS, Node.js, and HDFS only add to your skillset and make your resume stand out from the rest of the candidates.
Big Data experience
If you have experience working with big data, a Hadoop interview would be fairly easy to crack, since Hadoop is mostly built for the working of big data.
Technical Expertise
To crack a Hadoop interview, you not just need hard skills for Hadoop but also various other technologies that include Flume, Sqoop, Hive, Pig and more. These technologies often seem smaller, however, they make data processing easier on Hadoop.
Interview domains that are essential to prepare for
Along with a good grasp of relevant skill sets, listed below a couple of interview domains every interviewee needs to prepare for-
Practical experience
Theoretical knowledge is important, however, most interviewees are tested on practical knowledge. Expertise in the practical field subjects candidates to various degrees of exposure otherwise impossible by merely learning theories.
Communication Skills
Hadoop experts have to communicate with people in various other job roles, that often include engineers, analysts or even architects. In cases like these, good communication goes a long way.
Knowledge of domain
The interviewee is expected to know the A-Z of Hadoop along with its basic functionalities. You may be expected to back your interview answers with sufficient theoretical or analytical examples.
Big data is growing at an immense rate and more professionals are getting enthusiastic to work in the field. An extensive Hadoop training can go a long way in helping a big data enthusiast to master the best skills in the market and make it big as a professional.
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