What’s the hype around IIT’s cybersecurity course?

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What’s the hype around IIT’s cybersecurity course?

IITs have always been an aspiration for every Indian student, especially the ones pursuing technical courses like engineering. However, in modern times with the progression of the internet, computers and allied technologies, cyber threats are very much real. Moreover, they have the potential to harm companies, government organisations, and on a larger scale, the established systems of society. 

Now, to deal with such problems and to create a defence against them, companies are recruiting cybersecurity professionals. You can now complete a cyber-security course from a host of institutions, but to understand the hype of IIT’s cyber security course, you need to dive deeper.

Is all this hype around the IIT’s cybersecurity course worth it?

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In one word, yes, they are worth all the hype. The reason is that IITs are some of the prominent educational institutions in this country with global recognition. So, if you want to build your career in cybersecurity, then a certification from IIT can boost your chances considerably.

Apart from all the course-related details, here you get a chance to become a part of the IIT’s illustrious alumni, which is a notable achievement. But, apart from this, there are a few more reasons why you should opt for a course from IITs.

Reasons you should pursue a cybersecurity course from IIT

IITs have always been at the forefront of technological innovation and extensive research into computer sciences and information technology. So, it is obvious that one should ponder and then pursue a cybersecurity course from IIT, especially when trying to become an ethical hacker.

Here are some other reasons why you should pursue IIT’s cybersecurity course:

Gain holistic knowledge about the intricacies of becoming an ethical hacker

If you are interested in breaking into systems and love to breach through firewalls and security systems of websites to help owners and webmasters re-strategize their security system to make the security layer impenetrable, then you should try to become an ethical hacker.

Now to do this, you need to gain knowledge on how to develop secure system architecture. You should be able to work out how each node can be secured so as to not fall prey to a cyberattack, especially from terrorist outfits that use phishing and spam attacks to infiltrate systems. The IITs teach you exactly these things. Here you will learn about visualisation and vulnerability, and cyber intelligence, which will help you become better at what you do and gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the field.

IITs teach how to develop safe software and how to develop a security shell around it

If the software is not safe, then the system that offers it is never safe. Have you imagined how the software can be developed securely? What could be the various access points that could be manipulated by the hackers? The IIT teaches you more about rebuttal techniques and how to eliminate vulnerabilities. There are several research papers and study cases related to the development of safe software.

Learn basics of cloud security from the cybersecurity course

Nowadays, cloud security is one of the central aspects of cybersecurity. Every asset, resource and repository that is present on the cloud needs to be secure and safe, especially if you deal with an online system associated with financial transactions or secure information. These systems could be e-commerce sites and Fintech services, which need to hold crucial information which should be secured. Using advanced concepts of cybersecurity like cryptography, hashing and blockchain, this level of security can be maintained. Eminent professors from IIT teach these concepts.

Imarticus Learning makes it easy to access cybersecurity courses

Imarticus learning, in association with IIT Roorkee, manages a course on cybersecurity. It is an advanced certification program that includes faculty from IITs or top cybersecurity organisations in the country. They teach from the very roots explaining the basics and then advancing on to higher levels of security techniques. It is not all theoretical education. Most of the techniques are demonstrated and shown in a way that you will not have to rack your brains on what to do in a job. Complete knowledge of these resources will help a network admin or a software developer, a QA tester or a database engineer to help in making their respective systems more secure and safe. This way, they are even more employable in the cybersecurity job market. 

To sum up, building a career in cybersecurity in today’s world is a great option; the domain has great growth prospects, and it pays well. However, if you are wondering whether to go ahead with a certification course from IIT, considering all the good things that you have heard, well, do it. It is worth the investment, considering the return that you will get.

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