Advanced Certification Program in Cyber


Advanced Certification Program in Cyber


Master Cyber Security from IIT Roorkee

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Mode of Training
Live Online Training

Class Schedule
Saturday & Sunday

6 months

Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security

Master Cyber Security from IIT Roorkee

Application Deadline :

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Imarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSEImarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSE
Imarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSEImarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSE
Imarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSEImarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSE
Imarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSEImarticus Learingin KPMG Ai & ML IITG IIM LSE

About Our Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security

Our Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security will prepare you for an exciting cyber security career by teaching you networking and information security fundamentals, ethical hacking, cloud security, application security and incident handling. Created in partnership with CEC, IIT Roorkee, this program will equip you with the most in-demand security tools and skills. With rigorous lab sessions on real-world problems throughout the course, you will explore the world of ethical hacking, cloud security, application security and network security.


NIRF Ranking 2021


NIRF Ranking 2021

Discover premium education standards that set you apart:

Live training by IIT faculty

Campus immersion at IIT Roorkee

Certification from IIT faculty

Curriculum design by IIT Roorkee

Curriculum Highlights

Module 1

  • Networking Topology and Types of Networks
  • TCP/IP Models and OSI Layers
  • Routing and Switching
  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing
  • VLAN
  • ACL

Module 2

  • Virtualisation
  • Operating Systems and OS Process & Resource Management
  • Windows Basics
  • Linux Basics

Module 3

  • Basic of Internet and Web Applications
  • HTTP Protocol, HTTPS - TLS/SSL
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Tokens
  • Cryptography Basics
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Email Encryption
  • Disk Encryption
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Tracking and Privacy
  • Laws and Compliance

Module 4

  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Cloud Building Blocks
  • AWS Cloud Tour
  • Cloud Architecture Security
  • AWS Well Architected Framework
  • AWS Well Architected Framework: Security Pillar
  • Cloud Data Security
  • Entry Points on AWS To Maintain the Security
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Computing Security Issues
  • Zero Trust Security Architecture

Module 5

  • Ethical Hacking Introduction
  • Cyber Kill Chain
  • Information Gathering and Scanning
  • Footprinting through Web Services
  • Footprinting through Social Networking Sites
  • Website Footprinting
  • Email Footprinting
  • Whois Footprinting
  • Host Discovery
  • Port and Service Discovery
  • OS Discovery (Banner Grabbing/OS Fingerprinting)
  • Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Weaponisation
  • Delivery
  • Sniffing and Spoofing
  • Network and System Exploitation
  • Command and Control
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Post Exploitation
  • Steganography

Module 6

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Authentication Testing
  • Authorisation Testing
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Server Side Attacks
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Module 7

  • Social Engineering Concepts
  • Social Engineering Techniques
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Insider Threats
  • Impersonation on Social Networking Sites
  • Identity Theft

Module 8

  • Broken Access Control
  • Cryptographic Failures
  • SQL, OS, XSS and CMD Injections
  • Insecure Application Design
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • File Path Traversal
  • Testing for Vulnerable and Outdated Components
  • XML External Entity Injection
  • Identification and Authentication Failures
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Module 9

  • Wireless Concepts
  • Wireless Encryption
  • Wireless Threats
  • Wireless Hacking Methodology
  • Wireless Hacking Tools
  • Bluetooth Hacking
  • Wireless Security Tools

Module 10

  • Data Forensics
  • Incident Handling Process
  • Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  • Hard Disks and File Systems
  • Operating System Forensics
  • Anti-Forensics Techniques
  • Eradication and Recovery

Module 11

  • Capstone Project and Evaluation
  • Resume-building
  • Mock Interview
  • Career Mentorship

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Tools Covered

Projects that you will work on

You will work on various real-world business projects throughout the course to learn how to apply cyber security techniques and technology. The following are some examples of potential projects.

Design automated operating detector on the network

Recognise Operating System present at devices in a network. Using TCP/IP stack fingerprinting by crafting custom TCP and UDP packets and analysing their responses. It can also be used for analyzing vendor name, OS name, OS generation, device type etc.

Build port scanner

Building a port scanner that can probe a server or host for open ports. This application should have capabilities to verify the security policies of the networks and identify network services running on a host.

Automated browser/ system credential dumper hardware

An automated tool that can be planted on HID device to retrieve lots of passwords stored on a local computer. Each software stores its passwords using different techniques (plaintext, APIs, custom algorithms, databases, etc.).


Developing Keylogger that should not be detected by security program in the world. Keyloggers are programs used to silently record keystrokes that can be part of a parental control program or as a nefarious program used by remote hackers to steal information.

What Can I Become?

IT Security Analyst
Security Analyst
Penetration Tester
Cloud Security Analyst
Cyber Security Consultant
Network Security Engineer
Application Security Analyst

Will i get certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn an Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security co-branded by CEC, IIT Roorkee. This advanced certification in cyber security will add considerable value to your professional credentials.

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Program Fee

₹1,40,000 + GST

EMI starting from ₹11,987/- month

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Achutt Nair

Cyber Security

I was not sure what to expect because the class was to be taught remotely, and I had just entered the domain of IT. The faculty is very professional. The instructors are experts and it is very clear i...See More

Subhali Chatterjee

Cyber Security

I was looking for an opportunity to explore cyber security and that opportunity was provided to me by Imarticus. This course is the most concrete course I could find online. The faculty from IIT R has...See More
Wait! I have some questions
About Program

You can start by filling up your application form. If you clear the minimum criteria, you will have to go through the interview. Once you are shortlisted, you can enrol in this program.

All the lectures will be available for the students to view on the Imarticus platform after the class is over. However, we recommend not to miss any class.

Yes, the minimum attendance policy for the complete course is 80%, and the minimum marks in all assessments for successful course completion is 50%. You will also need to complete all the assignments and projects per the instructions.

You can attend the classes anywhere on your laptop with an internet connection. You can join the live class through our learning platform.

Yes, the IIT faculty will train you and help you build a solid cyber security foundation for your career. Industry experts will provide hands-on learning through projects and exercises.

The live sessions will be scheduled on weekends – Saturday and Sunday, and 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

There is a 3-day campus immersion module at IIT Roorkee during which participants will visit the campus to interact with their peers and learn from faculty. However, this is subject to the COVID-19 situation. The students will bear the cost of travel and accommodation.

The eligibility criteria for joining the program is - Bachelor's/Master’s degrees in Computer Science/Engineering/Math /Statistics/ Economics/Science with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation.Basic programming knowledge is required.

Imarticus will provide career services to the students who successfully complete the course. We will help you build your resume and prepare you with career mentorship and mock interviews.

No. Imarticus will offer placement assistance. CEC, IIT Roorkee will only be involved in the training and certification of the students.
Program Fees

Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security costs INR 1,40,000+GST. You can pay by credit card, debit card or net banking from all leading banks. We offer EMI loan options as well.
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