Do you need a certificate in finance and technology in 2022?

Do you need a certificate in finance and technology in 2022?

FinTech – short for financial technology, is the fastest-evolving field globally. It is the merger of technology with finance. It has revolutionised the global economy. It is modifying the existing techs and processes. FinTech aims to develop new business models, applications, processes, and products. It helps you to trade, bank, and exchange money. You also choose loans across financial services. Thus, this ends the need for physical interaction.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the FM of India, expects the Indian FinTech industry valuation to reach $150 billion by 2025. It was around $50 billion to $60 billion in 2020.

The growing popularity of the FinTech industry has increased the demand for FinTech jobs. It has also made FinTech Courses and FinTech Certifications popular. This industry is going to boom soon. So, this is the right time for you to upgrade your finance skills.

Apply for a Certification Course in Finance to start a career in the FinTech industry.

Why does the Certification Course in FinTech matter in 2022?

The FinTech revolution has increased the need for FinTech specialists. For example, the demand for developers to create innovative FinTech platforms has increased. One needs product development skills. It helps to build new financial and consumer-based applications. Also, you learn the ongoing terms, regulations, and legalities. It helps you deal with legal teams for handling FinTech products. Even Machine learning specialists can get a lot of help with such a course. They can develop protocols for big data analysis. Trading and investment experts for managing emerging digital assets.

Having a FinTech Certification will give you an added boost for your career in FinTech.

What is a FinTech Certification?

Apply for a Certification Course in Finance to hone your FinTech skills. Imarticus Learning’s Professional Certificate in FinTech helps you get an overall education about the subject. It's a FinTech online training course. It offers an in-depth understanding of core Finance concepts and technologies. These technologies include Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, and IoT.

Benefits of a Certificate in Finance and Technology

Key reasons to undertake Financial Technology Courses include

1.     Gain FinTech Skills

A Certification Course in Finance will help you gain key FinTech skills. You need to be a graduate of STEM. FinTech certifications hold high recognition in the corporate world. The course helps you kick-start a career in FinTech.

2.     Add Value to the Resume

Financial Technology Courses add value to your resume. Whether you are a senior professional or a beginner, you can opt for the course. FinTech certifications help you master FinTech tools. FinTech online training courses strengthen your FinTech knowledge in less time.

3.     Have a Competitive Edge

FinTech is an evolving sector. There is a huge demand for FinTech professionals. Yet, it is a new field. So, there is a shortage of skilled employees. Companies want qualified FinTech specialists. Get a Certification Course in Finance to give your resume the needed impetus. The course will give you a competitive edge over other potential candidates. It will also improve your chances of getting a job.

4.     Operate Latest Technology

FinTech makes use of technology for integrating and automating financial services. FinTech uses technologies for real-time data collection and processing. For example, Blockchain and Cloud Computing. A Financial Technology course will give live experience in using such technologies. The course will help adapt to changing FinTech trends.

5.     Spearhead the FinTech Revolution

A Certification Course in Finance will help you be part of the FinTech revolution. The integration of technology and finance creates more transparency and accessibility. It will help improve the customer journey.

Why Imarticus Learning’s Professional Certificate in FinTech?

Imarticus Learning's Professional Certificate in FinTech is unique for the below reasons.

The course is a partnership with the SP Jain School of Global Management.

First-of-its-kind 100% FinTech online training course.

The state-of-the-art Professional Certificate in FinTech is Asia’s premier FinTech certification course.

In-depth FinTech domain knowledge available

Hands-on industrial training from experts, real-world case studies and live technology-oriented projects

Interactive sessions with FinTech leaders and entrepreneurs.

Stay updated on the latest FinTech sector trends.

Practice through our key Research, Knowledge and Tech Partner resources. These include PWC and Rise Mumbai.

Get easy access to FinTech networking events, job boards and webinars.

Enhance your FinTech learning experience.

Gain more opportunities via networking.


FinTech is an evolving and in-demand sector in India. The growing popularity of FinTech has led to increased demand for FinTech specialists.

Imarticus Learning is in a tie-up with SP Jain School of Global Management. We offer the Professional Certificate in FinTech to help you make a career in FinTech. The course is a digitised FinTech online training course.

For more program details, visit our webpage, chat support or training centres, Our centres are located in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad.

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