What Is the Life like for a Business Analyst in India

Business analysis

A business analyst or a BA is someone who plays a key role in every business around the world. They are the ones who understand the changes that are needed in a business, assess the business for the impact of these changes, document and analyze them and hence communicate and deliver these necessary changes to the relevant stakeholders. In other words, it is similar to being a doctor; you listen to the patient's issues, understand their problems, and give them a solution. Here, the business analyst is the doctor and the patient being the business itself.

In simple terms, a business analyst acts as a bridge between the IT and the stakeholders for an efficient output. They elicit, analyze, communicate, document, and validate the requirements of a company. In India, being a business analyst is the same as being a business analyst elsewhere, if you are working for an Indian company that is.

However, if working for a multinational company, you might not get to work with the business as closely as that of an Indian company and can be faced with other drawbacks like the timing, lack of direct contact with the mother company, and working for a third party company.

Since India is considered one of the leaders in the Big Data analytics market, surpassing China and Europe, there is a huge demand for Indian business analysts around the globe.

A good business analyst can easily find their place in a firm like Wipro, IBM, and Accenture with an attractive pay scale, given they have an impeccable grasp on language, communication, problem-solving ability, understanding of new technology, is flexible with good research skills and most importantly, being a graduate and also finishing a business analyst course.

Since outsourcing has become a major support in our global economy, big firms divide their work and outsource it for a lower price in the pursuit of cutting down operational costs. This also creates a high demand for countries that provide high quality and more exact analysis, including document creation and functional specifications. Thus the requirements for business analysts from India have increased, mainly due to its manpower.

As of date, the opportunity for business analysts in India are constantly increasing and new sub categories are being actively created; this includes job titles such as Enterprise Architects and Business Architects, where the responsibility of both is directed towards a better and more efficient output.

Work Life

The life of a business analyst is not an easy one, but it can be an excellent career opportunity for those who have a nach for evaluating and analyzing data, developing solutions, handling numerous individuals while being exceptional in IT. It is a 9 to 5 job where you are responsible for handling complex business problems, troubleshoot when necessary, engage with stakeholders, and respond to their needs according to the ever-changing business environment.

Being a business analyst means being able to multitask and have an acute presence of mind. It is a task that can be carried out easily with years of experience; however, if you are someone new to this field, it might take you some time to get adjusted and to climb the corporate ladder.

Major Responsibilities

In India, business analysts are expected to:

  1. Work with the business to recognize the possibilities and opportunities for the improvisation of the business process and the operations.
  2. Design technical solutions and assist in solving business problems.
  3. Document functional and technical designs of business systems.
  4. Gather, document, and analyze various business requirements.
  5. Modify and design the business system.
  6. Work alongside stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand their problems and needs.
  7. Interact with system architects and developers to make sure the system is implemented correctly.


There is a great opportunity for business analysts in India because of the booming economy, and they are well wanted in every firm because of their efficiency and their usefulness. For every person who is career-oriented, if you are experienced in this field, a wide variety of doors are open, all across the globe.

The possibilities are endless, and India is no more a country that sticks to its old believes that doctors, engineers, or lawyers are the only ones who can reach heights.

Being a business analyst may be considered a task by many, but it is a task that can take you to places with endless opportunities. Go and enroll in a business analyst course today and take your career to new heights.

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