How Does a Business Analyst Career Progress

Business analysis career

Every existing entity in the universe takes its route to reach a final stage. The process of taking a new step each time for achieving some advancement is called progress. Progress is a must in every career and no doubt desired by every individual. The same goes for the career of a business analyst. There are several categories or rather you can stay stages for an individual who has stepped in the shoes of a business analyst.

The career of a business analyst is that of a game player. They are not only endowed with the duties of analysis of trends, patterns or stock market but also need to bring the technical resources together with the business terms. A person interested in the field of business analysis can always go ahead with it as there are several business analysts courses online ready to deliver any enthusiast knowledge about the business analysis field.

Stepping into the Business Analysis Field

A business analyst career has a wide variety of career options. It can either be the role of consultant, analyst, manager or even a technical writer. For a fresher, particular domain expertise is often advised as the beginner’s job is mostly observed as data pre-processing related tasks with subsequent analysis of the constructed model in addition to the documentation needs, testing and so on.
After working as a business analyst for a few years, it is often observed that there is a career transition into becoming something we call a subject matter expert. Hence, this transition is of utmost importance especially for the people who want to take their career to new heights in the field of business analysis.

Time to go to the next step
After completing a duration of three to five years in the industry, an individual can go ahead with the next step upgrading themselves as a product manager, senior analyst or subject matter expert. A person who is has attained such a high position is entrusted with the responsibilities of fulfilling the complex assignments and projects. An individual can progress in this field as much as they want by becoming better and better each day. It all depends on the talent and dedication of the individual.

Levels of seniority in the field

Junior business analyst- Technical aptitude is necessary for an individual working as a junior business analyst. The compulsion of a degree in management or engineer is not needed as such but they should possess attributes such as critical thinking, strong interpersonal skills, collaborative and teamwork nature, negotiation skills etc. Also, complete knowledge of the business software is not needed but a basic idea is necessary. The beginners in the field of analytics should also know basic analytical methods.
Business analyst- Since this position is one step higher as compared to the business analyst, the individual is expected to have information regarding analytical concepts in a broader manner. He/She is expected to devise and apply new techniques for analysis and prediction purposes. This position is generally allotted to an individual after they have finished around five to seven years in the job industry as a junior business analyst. Skills required include time management skills, business knowledge, teamwork, leadership skills etc.
Senior business analyst- After spending another 6 to 10 years in the ob industry as a business analyst, finally an individual gets to serve as a senior analyst who is not only expected to have good knowledge of the analysis and prediction techniques but also acts as a mentor to other colleagues working under him. The skills which should be present in a senior business analyst include leadership (most important), technical aptitude, mentorship etc.

The three levels mentioned above summarizes the levels that can be attained working as an analyst. The career field in business analysis is vast and progresses each day. None of the positions as which individual works are should be considered lesser than the other. It all depends on the hard work and diligence of the individual as to what height they reach in their field of work. If an individual continuously works hard in the position allotted to them, they are sure to progress and reach new heights.

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