Why a Business Analyst is Important?

Business analysts (BA) can boost the productivity of project crews and this is, at times, ignored. While the development crew prepares the technical solutions, BAs offer insights, answer questions, remove hindrances and make sure that the technical solution is working well to cater to the expectations of stakeholders.

Business analysts not only bring immense value to every division that is a part of a project but also to the clientele. But having said that, people do ask about these values, and so these are some of the factors that highlight the importance of business analysts.

Curbing Overall Project Investment

Business analysts are essential in a company as they aid in curbing capital expenses (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX). Even though it might look like the company is spending more cash as they would have to recruit and pay business analysts, yet eventually, BAs can help reduce the overall expenditure on the project they are contributing to. In a way, they help slash the project expenditure by eliminating the need for further re-work.

Consider this, when developers begin coding for a business runner, things might not go as expected and they might have to perform a re-check. In other words, anything that starts simple can scale up in its complexity level after customers’ requirements come in and you will see yourselves redoing the components you initially began your project with.

Business analysts, thus, can help address this rework as they are aware of the demands of business users and know how to convey them to the developers. This ward off project delays which can cost a fortune to organizations.

Secondly, it requires a considerable amount of effort for companies to discover the objectives of the project. This translates to regular meetings, which not only bother their bank accounts but also is a time-intensive affair.

This is when business analysts come in to play; they form a sound decision-making model; remind others about any suggestion they have made earlier and bridge those communication loopholes between various divisions contributing to the project. BAs would avoid myriads of meetings from taking place, which would ease off the burden on business expenses.

Improving the Odds of Potential Margins

Enhancing the value of projects can aid improve the possibilities of getting outsized returns as they are becoming more robust. Having the development crew create an array of, let’s say, 50 tasks that need to be achieved and sorting them by the domain of the system can result in further problems in the project as they might not have been sorted by value.

You might be giving priority to those things which actually are not that important by doing this. Not driving attention to prioritization leads to the devaluation of your project. Prioritization is among the crucial skills companies would desire in business analysts. With BAs in your organization to address the project requisites, the value of your project would scale up and, in turn, ensure potential margins.

Filling Communication Gaps

Having a well-experienced business analyst can be really beneficial for developers as they are solely focused on coding. Else, it would hamper the productivity if they interact with business users and understand their lengthy requirements in time-consuming meetings.

Developers would like to create a solution before going through the entire list of requirements that are essential for a project and, at times, this activity is not much appreciated by business users. As such, it creates inconvenience and confusion among business users and can negatively affect the overall project.

But BAs understand the stuff the developers have to go through to gill the loophole between technical and business requirements. Even though developers are highly capable to collaborate with business runners, it can lead to delays in projects and revamp because of the miscommunication.

Business analysts, hence, will bring value to organizations as they know technical as well as business demands. Moreover, they can communicate with developers as well as business users to make sure that there is no more any project delay.


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