What Are the Roles of a Cloud DevOps Engineer and How To Become One?

software engineering courses in India

The fields of software engineering and IT are expanding. DevOps engineering merges the development of software applications with various IT operations.

This has increased job opportunities in the industry. Various companies require the services of a Cloud DevOps engineer. Therefore, students with a bachelor's degree in engineering can seek such specialization through an SCBI course.

What roles does a cloud DevOps engineer have?

A professional cloud DevOps engineer has many roles and responsibilities in the software engineering industry. The code changes constantly in DevOps, therefore an engineer needs to be involved in constant development and automation.

The primary role of a DevOps engineer is to find the right combination of code for the integration of the various elements in SQL data. DevOps engineers also work with IoT cloud and the development of IoT applications to update software and firmware. Apart from this, a DevOps engineer fulfills the following roles.

  • DevOps engineers deal with the entire IT infrastructure and create combinations of code that are suitable for the needs of a business. DevOps engineers are tasked with monitoring the performance of specific codes in a multi-tenant setup.
  • DevOps engineers also work in teams. Teams have to handle coding and scripting, and the challenges that arise from it. These teams develop software kits and libraries to optimize and automate various processes.
  • A team of DevOps engineers collaborates and works with other professionals to deliver tools that suit the needs of a business and OS. They are also involved in process re-engineering.

DevOps engineers are constantly designing and testing new applications. Usually, tools like Jenkins and Maven Git are used. The engineering teams work in close collaboration with the operations and development teams. This helps businesses create suitable services that improve customer experience.

These roles are ideal for DevOps engineers because they have the necessary skills. A DevOps engineer will be trained in the following aspects.

  • Scripting languages including Shell, Python, Ruby, and Pearl.
  • Operating and working with Linux environment.
  • Use of management tools like SaltStack, Ansible, and Puppet for configuration purposes.
  • Regulation of software development processes with the operations and integrations teams.
  • Handling of SaaS projects by using CI/CD processes and tools like Jenkins and Maven Git.
  • Utilization of Docker, Kubernetes, and other such tools for dealing with VM's Containers

How to become a cloud DevOps engineer?

For those aspiring to become a Cloud DevOps engineer, a Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain and IoT from Imarticus Learning is the best choice. The certification is provided by the E&ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati.

software engineering courses in indiaThe curriculum of the course has been created in collaboration with industry experts.  Students will be able to participate in live sessions and interact with professionals and academicians.

Imarticus Learning's course on software engineering provides specializations in IoT cloud and blockchain. Students are asked to complete 15 assignments. Instructors guide them through 6 industry projects that deal with real challenges.

software engineering courses in IndiaThe course is for 9 months and it prepares students to implement DevOps applications in diverse fields. The assignments and projects help students develop relevant skills for the software engineering industry. Working with industry professionals in interactive sessions will also allow students to have better exposure and hands-on experience.

The curriculum of this certification course in software engineering for Cloud, blockchain, and IoT has been designed according to NEP 2020. Due to this design, Imarticus Learning allows students to transfer their credits after a year. This makes the learning process much more flexible.

software engineering courses in IndiaTo become a successful professional cloud DevOps engineer, students need to gain industry experience.

Imarticus Learning provides live training and even includes a campus immersion program of 3 days. Students develop necessary soft skills and get placed with reputable companies.

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