How to Start a Supply Chain Management Career?

supply chain management courses in India

How to Start a Supply Chain Management Career?

A supply chain management career is the best choice for those who are interested in research and logistical development. Students with a basic knowledge of programming and operations management can opt for the certificate course from Imarticus Learning.

This course will prepare students for a career as production planner, purchasing and warehouse manager, logistics resource planner, and maintenance supervisor. There are many more jobs in inventory control, procurement, and logistics administration.

Get a Degree in Supply Chain Management

To start a career in supply chain management, aspirants should opt for an SCM course. Imarticus Learning offers professional certification in supply chain management & analytics.

The certification is provided in collaboration with IIT Roorkee. Live lectures are organized by industry professionals and academicians. Students are encouraged to participate and interact with their peers and instructors.

The supply chain management course from Imarticus Learning requires students to complete projects that are based on real industry issues. These projects help students develop strategic planning skills at operational levels. For students aspiring to become data scientists, supply planners, demand planners, or supply and operations planners, this certificate course is the best choice.

Mentoring sessions are held frequently. These sessions are great for building networks and gaining hands-on experience. The campus immersion program at IIT Roorkee is a great opportunity for students to interact and develop soft skills.

Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management career is very rewarding and provides many opportunities. Students who wish to study supply chain management and build a career should keep in mind the following points.

  • Supply chain management is data-centric.

In supply chain management, professionals focus on data-driven decisions. A large volume of data is processed on a daily basis and analyzed to generate actionable insights. The extraction of relevant data needs to be accurate in order to create an efficient supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Management includes more than storage and movement of products.

supply chain management courses in India

The storage of products and movement from supplier to manufacturer, then to wholesaler to retailer, and finally to the consumer.

But the job also includes supply chain planning and monitoring of finances.

The certificate course from Imarticus Learning on supply chain management and analytics will help students learn every aspect.

  • Supply chain managers require soft skills for networking.

Supply chain managers need to collaborate and communicate with clients and other teams. This is why it is essential to have soft skills that include communication, people skills, and social intelligence.

To have a successful career, new professionals in the field should develop connections. Networking is essential to expand the knowledge base. Imarticus Learning helps students develop such skills through interactive sessions and project work with industry experts.

  • The supply chain management industry is competitive.

While there is scope for advancement in supply chain management, the industry is very fast-paced and challenging. The competition is intense and managers need to be able to process the planning and movement of goods quickly and efficiently.

  • The supply chain needs to be environmentally sustainable.

A supply chain manager should focus on creating an efficient supply chain. Such chains can optimize the movement of products which reduces wastage. This makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The professional certification in supply chain management & analytics from Imarticus Learning is ideal for learning relevant skills. This is a 6-month long program and prepares students for a lucrative career in supply chain management.

A supply chain management course can help candidates start and continue a successful career. Since there are many job opportunities in the industry, certification from a leading institute like Imarticus Learning allows students to create an impressive portfolio and get jobs in their fields of interest.

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