Top Fintech Tools Which Will Have a Major Impact on the Financial World

FinTech is fast becoming a powerful industry where technologies such as IoT, AI and blockchain is making waves and influencing a massive shift in the financial industry. 
You have walked into an ATM and withdrawn money only to realise the traction is incorrect. In the earlier days, this would mean running to your bank branch and a lot of paperwork to reverse the transaction. Today, thanks to a technology called block chain, the payment is reversed in a matter of minutes. FinTech Tools have revolutionized the way consumers interact with financial institutions and organisations. At the beginning of the 21st century, financial organisations worked with financial technology experts to optimise their services and provide better user experience using IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and other emerging technologies.
Fast-forward 2018 and we are at the dawn of FinTech industries growth. Reputed institutes are offering FinTech courses for professionals to upskill themselves and enhance their growth trajectory. In order to understand the landscape, it is essential to understand the finer aspects of FinTech features which influence the industry.
Now, a new wave of FinTech Tools and applications are hitting the market to appeal to the consumers and businesses alike. These new applications are powered by IoT and AI and provide simplified user experience, seamless integration with other services and much more. As a business or a professional here are a few key things to watch out for in the FinTech industry.

Analytics Are Everything

One of the key aspects of FinTech Tools is the ability to provide real-time data and analytics to both users and businesses. This data will focus on problem areas of the business, provide insights to take business decisions which will reduce costs and utilise resources effectively. Most banking and financial services have complex layers of processes which would require time and energy to sort through. Analytics help simplify this and provide only assets which would enhance the business.

Fintech Are Increasing Relying On AI and Machine Learning

While Block chain changed the way transactions are made and managed by financial institutions, AI and Machine Learning is helping businesses reduce cost, effectively utilize resources through automation. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to learn and perform tasks thereby empowering business to make strategic decisions in a timely fashion. Plus, it helps curb financial crimes such as fraud, theft and protects data.

Risk Mitigation

In the financial world, it is imperative to keep crimes at bay. Blockchain has ensured that every transaction is recorded and sealed to prevent fraudulent activities. In addition there are also software which are now available which offer clients an understanding of their finances so that they can prepare their financial goals and mitigate risk.


The FinTech revolution will provide a significant opportunity for both businesses and individuals to harness the power of technology to enhance customer experience.

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