How to Traverse the Future of Fintech The Best Fintech Courses to Learn?

If you working in finance already, or are interested in switching to finance as a career choice, you will most likely have heard of the high number of opportunities present in the field. Huge changes are being implemented in the way finance is done now, and a digital transformation is happening already - therefore, professionals need to have a larger skill set too.
Today, you can be certain that most of what is known today about finance will become obsolete or unnecessary in the next decade or so - such is the digital transformation occurring. The digital disruption movement has arrived at finance, and it can be visible in instances like the rapid growth of Zhong An. The digital insuring company Zhong An currently has more customers in five years than what traditional giants like Citi, JPM and HSBC have combined, even though they have been in the market for more than a century now.
SO how do you obtain the skills which are required for you to make a splash in this field? Luckily, there are many Fintech online courses available today. Actually, Fintech Courses in India are making quite a splash, and have an increasing number of students with every passing day. This is because both working professionals in finance and rookies feel the need to understand the digital transformation that is happening today.
Some of the best Fintech Courses available have been mentioned here, in no particular order. These courses touch upon most new technologies, from blockchains to cryptocurrencies and machine learning, since these are the innovations which are most likely to have an impact on your career as a Fintech professional.

Best Fintech Courses     

Oxford Fintech Program, Said Business School

The course by Oxford University has two broad aims - to arm the students with a working knowledge of Fintech innovation today and to impart a sense of critical thinking which would help them launch their own Fintech venture. The course has a heavy workload and has a number of practical exercises which truly stretch your mind when you think about what can be possible in modern finance. It requires some basic understanding of future of Fintech from beforehand, as it is an advanced course. The cost of the course is around 2500 Pounds, and it is an online, ten-week-long course.

Introduction to Fintech by University of Hong Kong

Taught by some of the leading academics in the field, this course is for university graduates and relative amateurs to get a feel of the field they are interested in. The course starts from some of the key concepts and progresses well. It is available online for free, too.

Innovative Banking, by Imperial College Business School

This course is meant for bankers with extensive experience in the field and those who are looking to understand the digital transformations taking place today. The course gives an idea about how you can implement Fintech systems in their own organisations. There is a focus on the new, modern blockchain technology too. It costs around 2390 Pounds, and it is a 2-day in-class programme.
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