Top 10 Inspirational Marketing Leaders to Learn From

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Global marketing leaders succeed in the industry by devising innovative theories and performing marketing experiments, as there is no universal secret to acing this profession. As a marketing leader, keeping up with the latest trends is imperative. A sales and marketing leadership program may help one learn the ropes in this field.

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Learn about the top 10 most influential and inspirational marketing leaders to motivate yourself to work harder in achieving marketing success. 

Top 10 Inspirational and Influential Marketing Leaders

The only common thing among these top marketing leaders is their love for learning and indulging in new things. The following are the most popular marketing leaders:

1. Nemanja Zivkovic

Founder and CEO of Funky Marketing

Nemanja Zivkovic has developed unique ways and strategies of conducting B2B marketing activities which have grown popular and proven immensely effective in today's marketing world. According to Nemanja's ideology, the best way to keep up the marketing game is to rethink, refocus, and revive current marketing techniques constantly. 

2. Sydni Craig-Hart

Inclusive Marketing Strategist

Sydni Craig-Hart is a big name in the marketing industry as she helps big and multinational corporations connect with small businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, etc. She is an Inclusive Marketing Strategist who helps product designers and marketers devise ways of connecting deeply with such businesses.

3. Bozoma Saint John

CMO at Netflix

Bozama has worked with renowned companies like PepsiCo and CPG Giant, Apple Music, Uber, etc. Impressed with her track record, Bozama was appointed as the CMO of Netflix in June 2020. Her marketing strategies, especially at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, were successful in creating a huge customer base for Netflix. 

4. Lola Bakare

Founder, CMO Advisor and Inclusive Marketing Strategist of be/co

Lola Bakare is a well-known face in the world of marketing and advertising. She is the founder, CMO Advisor of be/co and a talented Inclusive Marketing Strategist. Her powerful writing has created an impact and has been featured in Business Insider, Marketing Brew, Adweek and HBR. She has popularly collaborated with famous organisations such as PepsiCo and Dell.

5. Michael Barber

Freelance Marketing Strategist and Brand Consultant

Michael Barber has impacted all marketing spheres, including agencies, colleges and famous companies like Johnson & Johnson. Michael is a popular marketing consultant who can build elite teams that generate unique and unforgettable client experiences. He is also an energetic and entertaining keynote speaker with incredible ability and knowledge as a brand consultant.

6. Mayur Gupta

CMO at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Mayur Gupta is an engineer-turned-marketing leader regarded as an all-rounder. His unique perspective and marketing skill set have allowed him to become a CMO at a young age. He has used data science and brand marketing excellence to leverage companies like Spotify, Kimberly Clark, Freshly, etc. Mayur has also been listed in Forbes's Top 50 Most Influential CMOs.

7. Jacquie Chakirelis

Director of Digital Media at Cleveland Magazine and Quest Digital

Jacquie Chakirelis has emerged as a notable marketer in digital media, and she has touched various facets of the marketing world with her depth of experience. She possesses immense knowledge of GTM strategies, value positioning, content marketing and audience development. Her impact is visible in the actionable insights recognised after implementing Jacquie's marketing strategies. She was also invited as a speaker at the recent Content Marketing World.

8. Beverly Jackson

Vice President Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at Twitter

Beverly has extensive experience working at institutions like Grammy and Yahoo. Currently the Vice President of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at Twitter, she possesses dynamic qualities that help maintain and produce high-performance marketing results. She develops new and innovative ways of digital marketing to build a large community and drive brand loyalty.

9. Stacey Danheiser

Founder and CMO of SHAKE Marketing

Stacey is a master planner and developer of marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience, Stacey focuses on preparing marketing strategies based on customer feedback reports, taking into account customer demands. 

10. Michelle Ngome

Founder of the African American Marketing Association

Michelle Ngome is a prominent voice in the field of diversity marketing. She is exceptionally creative and unique in her approaches to diversity marketing and has also created a DEI card game known as 'Be Inclusive'. It is a short facilitation deck responsible for improving communication channels and increasing a sense of belonging in the marketing sphere. Ngome's marketing approach emphasises increasing empathy and trust and building necessary people skills.


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