Rethinking about a software engineering career in 2022?

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In 2020, the cloud market grew by around 15%. As a result, the demand for SaaS (Software as a Service) increased. There will be more than 25 million software engineers by the end of 2023 in the world. The software engineering industry is booming and showing good signs of future growth. It is the best time to learn software development skills and kickstart your career.

Our online software development course can help you earn a lucrative job deal in the industry. Read on to know more about our SCBI course to launch your software engineering career. 

Learn software engineering with new-age technologies

New-age technologies are shaking the software engineering industry. For example, everyone is now going crazy for smart appliances. You must have heard about smart cars running on the road in 2022. People are loving IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for their daily work. More than 20 million IoT devices exist on earth in 2022. Software engineers have to develop applications that are compatible with IoT devices. As a result, software development companies searched for employees familiar with IoT. 

Consider the example of blockchain that took the software engineering industry by storm. The rise of cryptocurrency demanded software applications that were compatible with blockchain technology. Since blockchain is a decentralized technology, organizations considered it safe. As a result, the demand for blockchain-based software applications increased. Again, skilled software developers were required to make such new-age software applications.

The rise in fintech has fuelled the growth of blockchain-based applications. Also, fintech applications need to be highly secure in the current scenario. For cybersecurity and monitoring, effective software systems are required by corporate organizations. Not to forget, every organization now wants to use cloud-based solutions for data storage and analysis. Cloud-based software systems are complex and take time to develop and deploy. Who is going to make such complex software applications? You guessed it right, as software developers are the only ones to rescue.


As you can see, next-gen software developers need to be skilled in new-age technologies. Young enthusiasts need a software developer course that can help them know the role of new-age software applications. It is why we bought the SCBI course in partnership with IIT Guwahati for young enthusiasts. Our SCBI course has become one of the best certifications for software engineers in India. Let us see why one should choose our software engineering certificate course in 2022. 

Highlights of the SCBI certification course

We at Imarticus Learning bring you the best chance to achieve a software engineering certification from IIT. You don’t need any prior coding experience to start the SCBI course. You just need a bachelor’s degree to start the software engineering certification course. For those who want to build a career in the software engineering sector, our course will provide career assistance. You will get to learn the role of cloud, blockchain, analytics, and IoT in software engineering at the end of the course.

Our software engineering course covers several tools and technologies used in the industry. Apache Spark, Raspberry Pi, AWS, Docker, Cassandra, and many other tools/technologies will be covered, during the software engineering course. Not to forget, you will receive insider tips to seal a lucrative job offer in the software engineering industry. 

If you want to learn the role of AI ML in software engineering, we have dedicated courses. AI/ML developers are in huge demand as businesses are loving automation technologies. It is the best chance to invest in learning new-age technologies and become a skilled software developer. Technologies like AI and IoT have a great future and, learning them will secure your career. Start your next-gen software engineering course now!

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