IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets certification- All you need to know

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The IIM investment banking & Capital market course offers a great opportunity to work on real-world projects as well as case studies that will give you an overview of current trends. Created for aspiring professionals in the financial sector, this program is the best option to strengthen your career and boost your professional development.

Who Delivers the Programme?

Imarticus has partnered with IMM Calcutta, the premier national institute for postgraduate management studies, to create this powerful program. With over years of experience in creating innovative management programs, IMM Calcutta and Imarticus have created a perfect course for finance professionals. This IIM Calcutta investment banking and capital market certification enable professionals to concretize and secure their future in the financial sector.

What Is This Certification About?

The program employs different methodologies to ensure engaged learning. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to participate in case studies and live examples. During your journey, you will not only see the fundamentals of Investment Banking and Capital Markets, but you will also have access to advanced modules to deepen your knowledge and develop your skills.

  • Foundation modules: financial accounting and analysis, financial management, financial economics.
  • Advanced modules: debt capital markets, equity capital markets, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, portfolio fund management, the securities market.

The program is kept at the forefront and the syllabus may change depending on industry trends and academic requirements. 

Investment Banking, Why Is It Important?

Investment banking is focused on companies, legal entities, and high net worth individuals. Its main tasks include raising funds for investment projects through the issuance of fixed income securities, IPOs, global financing transactions, and other similar operations. It also advises on corporate mergers, such as joint ventures, and company acquisitions.

Capital Market and their Role in The Financial Sector!

The capital markets offer a wide range of financial products with different levels of risk for all types of investors. This variety makes it possible for a wide range of people to invest, for those who have a lot of capital and those who have little, for those who specialize in the field and for beginners, for those who play it safe and those who risk more.

In the capital market, two fundamental components are involved in the trading of securities:

  • Liquidity: There is a wide variety of liquidity in the capital market, as not all companies have the same capacity to generate the same number of dividends. In this aspect, assets that are best kept in motion are evaluated, as are those whose strategy is to hold them until maturity. The liquidity of an asset is determined by the issuer's ability to make it produce and generate returns.

  • Risk: Depending on the level of risk the investor is willing to bear, his profile and the securities he is willing to trade are defined. Similarly, the level of risk of the issuers will determine how much of an influx of savers it attracts, which is key to increasing its funding. In this respect, it is important to stress that in the case of equity instruments, no one guarantees the performance of the securities, so they have a higher level of risk.

In any case, it is essential to understand that it is about understanding the tools that help companies meet their objectives. As a professional in the financial sector with this executive program in investment management, you will be able to create successful strategies and set new goals. The program will not only enhance your knowledge but also give you the tools to succeed in the real world.

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