In the driver's seat: Driving value realization in supply chain analytics courses

Supply chain management course

The supply chain system is a build-up of many aspects put together — from demand to manufacturing to transportation and many more. These aspects together are called the drivers in the supply chain system. As such, their value in the system is irreplaceable. This is why learning about them or realizing their value is essential if you are thinking about a career in SCM.

For that, what is primary is for you to pursue a course on supply chain analytics that will help you cover all the basics. Thankfully, a lot of institutions in India offer a compact supply chain analytics course that will help you get ahead in your career. 

Imarticus Learning, with its years of experience and placement offers, ranks in one of the topmost positions. Their supply chain management course with analytics will not only help you become a supply chain analyst with highly sought-after skills but their placement offers will help you to land a job in your dream sector right from the get-go. Here, we are going to talk about the value realization of the drivers in the supply chain management system and how supply chain analytics courses should focus on them in detail. Please read the whole article to learn more.


One of the major aspects or drivers of the supply chain management process is, of course, production. That includes, what is produced, how much is produced, and also the whole manufacturing process through which it is produced. As such, in the supply chain analytics course, realizing the value of this driver is imperative. 


Source materials, products still in the manufacturing process, as well as finished products are referred to as inventory in the supply chain management system. Their value lies in determining the storage places as it directly impacts the responsiveness of the supply chain as well as the retailer's efficiency. As any change in the inventory greatly affects the supply chain system, their value realization in the supply chain analytics course puts the students way ahead in their careers.


Shipment or transportation is yet another core driver of the supply chain management system. The inventory is moved from one place to another through transportation means. As such, its importance is quite irreplaceable in the system. The modes of transportation greatly affect the efficiency as well as the responsiveness of the system. Learning about how to manage a smoother and more efficient mode of transportation in the supply chain analytics course will help the students immensely in their careers later.

Factory Location

Facilities or factories are the places where inventory is stored to assemble them into finished products. As such, deciding their location, capacity, as well as adjustability of the facilities, will impact the supply chain management system massively. Learning to make such decisions quickly and as accurately as possible is one of the most sought-after qualities in a supply chain analyst. Their value realization in the analytics course is a huge way to move forward in your career.


Information, by far, is possibly one of the most important drivers in the supply chain management system. It consists of data regarding inventory, facilities as well as transportation, and clients throughout all the points in the supply chain. As it affects all the other drivers in the supply chain it is absolutely necessary for making the system highly efficient and responsive. As such, learning how to read, store, and analyze said data is one of the skills that make an efficient supply chain analyst. 


Driving value realization is an important part of the supply chain analytics course as it directly impacts how the students will perform in their careers later on. Thankfully, with Imarticus Learning's IIT supply chain management and analysis course, you can now have all these basics covered and get the boost you need in your career.

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