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There are many career opportunities in the cybersecurity domain. The role of a cloud security professional pays an average annual salary of Rs. 8 lahks.

Cyber ​​security  

The cloud is a popular way to store data. Most companies are going to the cloud. This is because it is a good way to do business digitally. Student adoption of the cloud is also great. Most firms want to benefit from innovation. A forecast predicts the market will be worth $832.1 billion by 2025.

Cloud evolution has made computing systems smart. In turn, they enable faster scaling with better reach. The cloud-first approach is accelerating digital transformation. It is convenient for cloud companies to manage large amounts of data.

Businesses benefit from cloud technology by changing the way they work. But, a security issue arises when moving to the cloud. The search was on for a way to access cloud applications and information. It also had to respond quickly to potential security issues. The answer lay in cloud security.

Cloud security ensures the data and applications are accessible to authorised users.

Why is cyber ​​security important?

Modern services that ease business operations in the cloud require security measures. Thus, cloud security is important for the cloud computing environment.

Cloud security protects organisations. It does so by keeping sensitive information safe from cyberattacks. Security measures include protecting cloud-based infrastructures. They also include cloud platforms and applications.

Cloud security solutions provide security by:

Ensure proper authentication of users.

Align access control to data and resources.

Protect private data.

These cybersecurity experts ensure secure critical systems.

More companies are relying on cloud platforms. The demand for qualified personnel is thus increasing. We find many early-career technical graduates looking to upgrade. They are seeking cloud training. The right training can lead them to a challenging role.

Learning cybersecurity and computing

The Advanced certification program in Cyber Security is the best option. It is currently available. This program is good for professionals seeking a cloud security career. This is a course offered by Imarticus Learning. It was developed in collaboration with a leading national-level institute. Take this course. Learners can master cybersecurity through real-time projects. They use the latest technologies to build a career in cybersecurity. The class helps teach concepts that are in demand in the industry.

Cybersecurity professionals can take this course. They can apply cloud security strategies in IT firms. Aspiring ethical hackers can also learn ethical hacking. They are professionals who access a network to identify chinks in the system. The hacking domain covers basic concepts. It also covers different types of ethical hackers and hacking tools.

Advantages of the IIT’s Cybersecurity Certification Course

The key benefits of the IIT Roorkee Cybersecurity Certification Course are:

The curriculum is designed by a panel of experts at IIT Roorkee.

The course includes live interactive sessions.

These sessions help reinforce concepts learned in class.

Students who master cybersecurity receive recognition.

Live training sessions connect students with mentors.

The program takes 6 months to complete.

Weekend schedules are allowed.

Students can learn from peers.

IIT certification is reputed.

Students get an advanced certification program in cybersecurity. This is designed by CEC, IIT Roorkee. This is globally recognized. It leads to opportunities in the market. The candidates can then take up a security analyst role.


This certification in cybersecurity will give students knowledge of the cloud. It will also help students develop skills in other related topics, such as data forensics. This certification adds value to your professional credentials.

Applicants interested in the program can learn more. They can do so by contacting Imarticus. You can reach Imarticus via message or live chat. You can also visit one of our training centers. They are in Mumbai, Pune and Thane. They are also in Bangalore, Delhi, and Gurgaon.

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