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Finance plays an important role in the development of an economy. Changing business needs and digital technology have increased the demand for finance. Today's finance environment is complex and needs skilled professionals for managing tasks. Employers show a preference for candidates with the right skills and experience.

One such core finance area is that of a financial analyst. If you like numbers and statistics, you can study to become a financial analyst. A financial analyst's career is lucrative from a long-term perspective.

Courses like the Ratio Analysis Course help you learn financial analysis. Financial analyst training will help you master your core finance concepts. Continue reading this article to understand the importance of financial analyst training.

Who are Financial Analysts?

Financial Analysts are professionals who have good analytical skills. They use their skills to analyse a company’s financial information. Financial statement analysis helps financial analysts make sound decisions.

Financial Analyst Duties

Key responsibilities of a financial analyst include:

Financial Modelling

Budget preparation

Analyse a company’s financial performance

Track current market trends and use them in financial analysis

Help businesses make strategic financial decisions

Benefits of a Financial Analyst Training

Learning financial analysis will help you gain key financial analysis skills. A financial analyst training course will help you to stand out in a competitive job sector. You will also gain confidence to take strategic and impactful work decisions.

Key benefits include: 

Learn Financial Analysis

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course is a comprehensive financial analyst training course. You get to learn about horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis. The course helps strengthen the key concepts of financial analysis.

Use Ratios for Comparisons

A Ratio Analysis Course helps you understand different ratios. Also, how to utilise the ratios for comparing the financial performance of a company.. You can compare the ratios across reporting periods, organisations and industry standards. The course also teaches decision making skills. You thus learn how to compare your company against an industry or competitor.

Competitive Edge

Employers always prefer candidates who are data-driven and good decision-makers. They also look at candidates who can look at the bigger picture. A financial analyst training will give you the right training. It will help understand and analyse information from company’s financial statements. The training will make you get better noticed by employers. It will thus give a competitive edge over other potential candidates.

Financial Analyst Roles

Financial analysts can work as company employees or consultants. Some key roles which they can apply for are shown below:

Financial Analyst

Project Finance Manager

Asset and Wealth Management Associate

Asset Valuation Consultant

Equity Analyst

Equity Research Analyst

Equity Market Analyst

Business Valuation Analyst

Private Equity Finance Manager

Why Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course is a tie-up with KPMG in India. The financial analysis training course is one of the best in India for the below reasons.

Gain Job Relevant Skills

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course helps you gain key financial analysis skills. Such skills include modelling, financial statement analysis, valuation, and equity research skills. The course also makes you an Excel and PowerPoint user. it thus helps boos your career as a financial analyst.

Live Training

The Ratio Analysis Course facilitates live instructions from certified industry experts. You get to gain a lot of interactive knowledge from these sessions.

Career based Mentorship

The financial analyst training course offers mentorship sessions. You get to interact with industry experts. You can get your career-related questions solved by these experts.

Mock Interviews

The Ratio Analysis Course offers mock interviews conducted by industry experts. Sessions for resume building and LinkedIn profile building are part of the course.

Certified Work Experience

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course comes with industry endorsed work experience certificate. The program is a comprehensive 180+ hour skill-building program. It also offers 25+ hours of practical learning from KPMG experts. You will get good hands-on experience with industry experts. Thus, you can master your core financial analysis capabilities.

Job Interview Guarantee

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course is a guaranteed job interview course. It will help you to gain entry-level positions as a financial analyst. The course thus ensures your success as a financial analyst in the corporate world.


Finance is a core business necessity. So, financial analysts are important for every organisation. Learn financial analysis through financial analyst training. You can improve your analytical and decision-making skills. You can then manage various financial analysis tasks.

Imarticus Learning’s Ratio Analysis Course is a tie-up par with KPMG in India. It is an assured job interview program. The course is the right way to fulfill your dreams of becoming a financial analyst. For more course details, visit our program webpage, chat support or training centres. We operate across Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon or Ahmedabad.

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