How Do You Get The Blockchain Certification Online?

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What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that supports the digital sharing of data/information. It is widely used for online transactions and cryptocurrency management. It can be considered as a type of digital spreadsheet/diary which contains information in respective blocks. Each block directs to the address of the previous block.

There is no central point of control in blockchain technology. The data is also highly protected and everyone could see the information but they cannot alter it. Each block produces a hash code that strengthens its network security even more. In this article, steps for getting an online blockchain certification will be discussed.

Few clarifications on the Online Certification

• Blockchain is fully legal and used by a lot of firms/companies as their main technology. According to LinkedIn, Blockchain is the second most required hard skill globally by the firms in 2020.

• An online certification from a trusted source is also secure and it will act as a real professional certification in need.

• There is no restriction of background studies to get a blockchain certification online but it is better if you are from a technical field. A little prerequisite will help grasp new technologies better.

Pros & characteristics of an online blockchain certification

• 2020 is a testing time for mankind as we are dealing with a pandemic. Most of us are sitting at homes and not doing anything productive. We can utilize the time and can add some more points to our resume with the help of distant learning.

• One should always research and choose the best certification course available. One such institution is Imarticus Learning where the professional certificate in fintech consists of all the blockchain and integrated technologies.

This Professional Certificate in Fintech consists of two main batches, the first batch teaches us the blockchain technology and its use cases in the financial world.

The first batch is of 60 hours of study in two months. The second batch focuses on understanding financial transactions, cryptocurrency management/transactions, etc. It is also of the same duration as the first batch.

• Besides financial institutions, blockchain is also used by healthcare experts, firms with goods/commodities. Blockchain is a means of peer to peer sharing and digital information is generated in many fields. Learning blockchain and its uses can open many career paths for you.

• The aforementioned educational firm Imarticus Learning is one of India’s leading professional course providers who have successfully trained over 35,000 trainees. It is also in collaboration with some big fintech giants and IT firms which will increase your circle of connection.

• One can learn and use blockchain technology in their businesses for transparency and traceability. Everyone uses some or other means for information sharing and when blockchain provides a more stable and secure means of sharing, we should give it a try.

• One can enhance their existing business by learning blockchain. One can use blockchain technology in the insurance field, supply chain management, and many more.

• Here is the link containing the course overview of the Professional Certificate in Fintech provided by Imarticus Learning, it will help you in getting a detailed analysis of the course before getting started.


There are many lucrative jobs in blockchain technology and it is a trending technology of the modern era. To go with the flow would be the best thing. One can simply look up the internet and apply online for blockchain certification.

The aforementioned institution names and link addresses will help you in choosing an effective course. This article was about ways to get online certification in blockchain technology. I hope it helps!

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