Here's what Gen Z looks for in a financial modelling certification course

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When we talk about generation Z or centennials, we refer to all those born between 1997 and 2012. They are the generation that precedes the millennials and has specific characteristics that affect their view of the financial world. Centennials are at the point where they are beginning to build their professional future and are also starting to earn an income.

Although they are a curious generation that wants to be prepared, they do not always have the right tools to do so. Before we talk about what they are looking for in financial technology courses, we need to understand their financial habits and what they think about the industry.

Gen Z's Financial Habits

Gen Z stands out for having a strong interest in their finances since pre-adolescence as a result of having witnessed the problems faced by millennials. The fact that they have had access to IT tools from an early age has driven these young people to be self-taught. This generation is looking for financial security and stability, and having grown up with technology, they seek to do so through this medium.

However, there are other things we cannot overlook to understand how this generation functions and what they expect from the world.

  • Approximately 98% of centennials have a smartphone.
  • They spend up to 13 hours a day behind a screen, 3 of which are watching videos.
  • It is estimated that they can concentrate for 8 seconds without being distracted.
  • They currently make up 40% of consumers
  • Most find new products through social networks.
  • Almost all say that cost is the determining factor in a purchase.
  • In a shop, a Gen Z member will always check the price online.

Fintech Courses Online for Centennials

Born in the digital age, they demand services that meet their demands for transparency and constant attention. The high interest shown by this generation in finance from an early age has led to ideal profiles for financial modeling. However, due to their characteristics, training in these subjects must also be adapted to their interlocutors to be successful.

  • Courses must be dynamic and interesting
  • The technological component and its application to the real world are fundamental.
  • Learning directly from industry experts is expected. 
  • A comprehensive and user-friendly digital learning platform is necessary.
  • Preparation for the world of work
  • A course with a strong curricular impact
  • Mentorship

What Is the Career Future of Gen Z?

Today this generation is already showing better use of financial instruments compared to millennials and baby boomers. With a financial planning and analysis course, this generation can open many doors in the professional world. Some of the positions to which they could aspire are:

  • Asset valuation consultant
  • Financial planning lead
  • Equity research analyst
  • Equity market analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Project finance manager
  • Mergers and acquisitions senior analyst
  • Corporate finance manager
  • Business valuation consultant
  • Private equity finance manager
  • Equity analyst
  • Asset and wealth management associate

Imarticus offers the Financial Analysis Prodegree in Collaboration with KPGM which has everything Gen Z is looking for in financial modeling. The career opportunities and the course content are perfect for sharp minds with an appetite for the financial world. 

Every generation changes the rules of the game and companies must adapt to the terrain to survive. However, the rule is always the same: innovation as a solution to provide services that meet the needs and desires of customers, whatever their age.

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