5 key edge cloud computing trends in 2022

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Edge cloud computing is one of the most focused upon solutions for modern computing and data requirements. Companies are expecting to use edge cloud computing technologies for providing better services to their customers and carrying out their business operations more effectively. For instance, edge cloud computing can empower healthcare, arming hospitals with the ability to monitor and treat patients within their premises without relying on centralized systems. 

Combined with AI-driven systems, edge cloud computing can make a world of difference to how we interact with our devices and how businesses can use data from various client devices. If used tactically, edge devices can be used to compute data autonomously. Cloud computing refers to distributed computing in the cloud while edge cloud computing incorporates these kinds of workloads on various types of edge devices. 

Edge-enabled devices do not need to relay data for analysis or processing but rather are able to use their own computation resources.

The main data centers or the network origins do not need to take as many workloads and are free to be used for only the most essential aspects of business or management. For example, networks can be created that selectively send data to be processed by the main network and data center while other unclassified data is directly utilized by the edge devices. 

5 Key Edge Cloud Computing Trends to watch out for!

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Edge Cloud Computing

The abilities of Artificial Intelligence can be heavily expanded with the help of edge cloud computing. Autonomous vehicles and many other edge devices are being integrated with AI-driven frameworks to provide more utility to users. For instance, NLP or Natural Language Processing with edge cloud computing can be used for empowering an edge device to translate sentences that its microphone is able to process in real-time.

  1. Edge Cloud Computing for Cyber Security and Data Governance 

Centralized computing networks have many access points for hackers while central data storage systems can be collated through any single device. Thus, companies are coming up with more innovative ways to avoid data loss and damages.

Edge cloud computing can help distribute the threat and isolate attacks inside singular edge devices. For example, if one device in a network of 50 devices gets compromised, with edge cloud computing technologies, only that particular device will be lost while the other devices and the main data center stay protected.

  1. Edge Cloud Computing in Healthcare

The health sector has been at the frontline of IoT adoption, so it's only natural that they're also at the forefront of edge computing technologies. Large hospitals are learning that it is better for operations to have data near to hand, such as medical sensing devices, analysis systems, electronic health records, and digital imaging equipment, rather than storing it on the cloud.

  1. Customer Experience

One of the more unusual ways edge computing has been used to aid organizations is in the field of customer experience. Businesses can give the best customer experience possible by using edge computing's low latency. We will see more of this being adopted through implementations such as modular chat systems and service robots. 

  1. Edge Cloud Computing for Oil and Energy Sectors

The oil and energy sectors have long relied on acquiring and transferring data to remote observational centers. This means that if there were sensors monitoring pressure and electrical conductivity, data about their susceptible or compromised states may reach the data center long after a severe failure. These abnormalities and errors can now be identified and rectified more quickly than ever before, thanks to edge computing.


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