Here's why IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets course is preferred by Bankers

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Almost every bank and financial services organization, including the top 10 investment banks have picked their cherries from IIM Calcutta for well over a decade. The demand for skilled professionals in the investment banking and capital markets is at its zenith now. And, IIM Calcutta’s 12-month executive development program has grabbed the attention of the banking community raising great expectations.

IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets Course

The IIM Investment Banking and Capital Markets course is scheduled to commence its journey from April 2022. Imarticus has collaborated with IIM Calcutta to deliver this course. Successful participants get certified by IIM Calcutta and qualify as alumni of the IIM Calcutta Executive Education.

To a working banker, the IIM Investment Banking and Capital Markets course comprehensively delivers a foundational and advanced knowledge of global capital markets and investment banking. 

From the course you stand to obtain knowledge about the following:

  • A holistic framework and fundamentals about debt and equity capital markets
  • Portfolio management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sales and trading
  • Securities regulations 

In 12 months, you get to attend a three-day immersive workshop at the IIM Calcutta campus, gaining from personal interactions with the faculty and other participants. The IIM Calcutta Capital Markets and Investment Banking course curriculum is unique too. It provides in-depth domain knowledge and culminates with a capstone project where the assimilated knowledge is put to practice. Live case studies, analysis and strategy form your experiential learning from the course. 

What do You Gain From The Course?

Your IIM Calcutta Investment Banking certification comes post successful validation through three foundation modules (Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Management and Financial Economics) and seven advanced modules that enrich you with the fundamentals and structures of:

(a)  Debt Capital Markets (debt financing and valuation, debt origination and structuring, credit appraisal, and loan portfolio management)

(b) Equity Capital Markets (equity financing and valuation, equity origination, underwriting, and issuance mechanism)

(c) Mergers, Acquisitions and Advisory (corporate restructurings, merger and acquisition deal-making and valuation, takeover tactics, and leverage financing)

(d) Portfolio Fund Management (portfolio theory and asset pricing models, factor investing, private equity and alternate investments and portfolio investment strategies)

(e) Securities Market Research and Valuation (industry analysis, cash flow estimation, corporate valuation, and industry analyst research report evaluation)

(f) Securities Market Sales and Trading (market microstructure, derivatives trading, high-frequency finance, and securities market trading strategies)

(g) Securities Market Regulations (security market issuances and security issuers, capital market investors and regulators, market infrastructure institutions, and corporate governance mechanisms)

What do You Emerge as?

The IIM Investment Banking and Capital Markets course transforms you into a banking professional holding skillset perfectly tailored to the needs of modern-day banking. Your knowledge is honed through hands-on application of course learning by the way of capstone projects, analysis, business case studies, and recommendations on strategy.

You become an IIM Calcutta-certified human asset with a minimum of two years of work experience, specialized practical knowledge, and in-depth area information of global capital markets and investment banking.

For survival and growth in a competitive environment, banks are seeking more and more exposure to value-added services. IIM Calcutta’s Investment Banking and Capital Markets course make you ready with hands-on capabilities to prosper in these areas.

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