Cloud Computing: What's The Ideal Scenario For Using Edge Computing Solutions?

Edge computing course

Cloud Computing: What's The Ideal Scenario For Using Edge Computing Solutions?

The Banking and Financial Service Industry (BFSI) has been evolving with emerging technologies. The adoption of modern technology has become of prime importance for customer satisfaction, security, and transparency. 

Several technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, and 5G, combined with edge computing, have endless opportunities in the fintech industry. Though these latest solutions are available in the market, there are very few experts who can work with these technologies. 

Edge computing is still evolving, and one needs to have a complete understanding and awareness of the steps followed while handling edge computing solutions; otherwise, banks and financial institutions may have to undergo unwanted events. 

BFSI industry deals with various money-related operations and processes. Implementing fintech can be a big step for any bank and financial institute. But, these institutes prefer to adopt modern fintech to maintain their competitiveness, brand recognition, and the top position in the market. Suppose you are interested in being part of the contemporary and advanced BFSI and making a lucrative career in it. In that case, you need to learn the fundamentals of BFSI and develop your skills for fintech solutions

A Career in Fintech

If you have a background in finances and want to experience professional growth in BFSI, fintech is the best option in today’s modern world. Though the banking sector is one of the early adopters of technology, it is still facing issues in making its services faster and more efficient. Modern fintech solutions are still emerging with new technologies that put BFSI under pressure to keep its data safe and secure. Thus, experts must work on available solutions to protect infrastructure from vulnerabilities. In addition, it offers enthusiasts enormous opportunities to make a career in fintech.

To start with, you need to learn the fundamentals of BFSI and fintech in the BFSI sector. The modern banking landscape is dynamic and includes a complex financial services value chain. Imarticus Learning Pvt. Ltd. offers a Professional Certification in Fintech. This course covers the fundamentals of the BFSI and develops participants with the required skills in the digital transformation of BFSI organizations. This online Fintech Program includes three basic modules:

  • Introduction to BFSI and Fintech: Modern banking landscape, financial services value chain, and interaction with the bank, case studies, and group project
  • Cloud computing and API economy: Introduction to cloud computing and critical evaluation, API economy, open APIs and connected businesses, and the art of building robust, secure and scalable APIs
  • Digital transformation and RPA: Business process reengineering, robotic process, and intelligent automation, process mining, and process optimization

After these core modules, the course also covers pro modules for in-depth knowledge and skill development, including:

  • Payments- consumer and wholesale: Introduction to payment ecosystem, innovation in consumer and retail payments, and innovative products
  • Use of technologies in payments and new business model: Use of new technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, IoT, big data, AI, ML and Bots, and hybrid payment products 
  • Lending- consumer and wholesale: Regulatory framework, social media, dynamic credit rating, risk management, SME/MSME lending 
  • Use of technologies in lending and new business model: DeFi in lending innovation, data science tools, and ML for data mining/ cross-sale

These modules provide a complete understanding of changing the BFSI sector with technology and how one needs to be dynamic while aspiring for a career in BFSI. But, to start working on real-world problems in the BFSI sector, you need to be prepared for real-world challenges and how these challenges can be overcome. 

To ensure BFSI career aspirant is ready to start full-time work in fintech, Imarticus Learning's online fintech program participant works on a group project and an open-book case-study-based evaluation as a mandatory requirement for the certification. Thus, you will be ready with a theoretical base and practical knowledge to help BFSI organizations transform their businesses. 

The online fintech program opens the door for your career with various opportunities such as regulatory affairs counsel, chief product officer, digital transformation manager, blockchain strategy manager, robotic process automation project manager, design thinking specialist, chief information security manager, cloud infrastructure architect, process automation lead developer, etc. 

Thus, if you are interested in making a career in any of the departments of BFSI with fintech, such as insurance, IT project, service, baking, and financing, Imarticus Learning is the only institute offering a 100% online fintech program with in-depth exposure in the theory and practical sessions. Contact the Imarticus webpage or visit one of its training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon for more information. 

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