From Around The Web: Learn Artificial Intelligence from These Case Studies

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From Around The Web: Learn Artificial Intelligence from These Case Studies

Programming in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not restricted to any one method or language. A wide range of programming languages, including Python, Java, and R, are used to code AI algorithms. Usually, the Python programming language is preferred due to its easy and understandable syntax.

When you program for AI, you understand that it is slightly different from the traditional programming approach. AI mainly focuses on three skills: learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Learning involves gathering data and creating algorithms based on the data. These algorithms then instruct the devices about the processing of a task.

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The reasoning is concerned with selecting the best approach to solve a problem. It involves selecting the best algorithm that will suit the niche of the problem.

Self-correction is a design that will ensure that the selected algorithms will provide the best and most accurate results at all times.

As far as the term artificial intelligence is concerned, the most important aspect of learning AI is understanding its applications in real-world scenarios. The best way to do so will be through case studies and recognized courses. Thinking where can I learn Artificial Intelligence? Worry no more, at Imarticus Learning, we offer an Artificial Intelligence course, which also equips you with the concepts of Machine Learning. The course is taught by the leading industry experts to give you the best training and project guidance!

List of Some of the Most Interesting AI Case Studies 

Understanding AI through case studies will help you get a better grasp of its basics, while also being able to understand its business world applications. Here are some case studies that you must check out:

Vanguard Marketing

Although Vanguard is a leading investment company, its domain makes it difficult to market the products, as all the competitors use the same old traditional content and strategies to promote their products. This was when Vanguard turned to AI and started using Persado, an AI platform concerned with language queries. As soon as Vanguard turned to AI, the company saw a 15% hike in its conversion rates! You should check out this interesting case study!

Sony Neural Network Libraries

The multinational conglomerate Sony recently developed an open-source platform called Neural Network Libraries to enable programmers and data science engineers to develop deep learning programs. Neural network-based deep learning algorithms and processes have taken over technology in the past few days. There is so much improvement in the recognition domain that it has even outcasted humans in some applications. This intriguing case study will help you understand the process of deep learning in detail.

MSD’s Chatbot for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals must stay updated with emerging diseases and treatments. They might need to access content quickly, and this chatbot makes sure it is done without any hassle. Facebook has collaborated with the pharmaceutical company MSD to program this chatbot, and hence its framework resembles that of the Facebook Messenger application. It is one of the most compelling case studies. You will be able to comprehend the complexity of responsive AI and how it works.

Philips’ AI in Diagnosis

The emergence of AI in the medical field is likely to be a boon to society. Processes as simple as prescribing medicines to the complex processes of diagnosing a disease can be done through AI. Due to these advancements, detecting diseases like cancer and predicting their treatments will become an easy job. The innovation-driven health technology company Philips is working on building deep learning programs, along with PathAI, to bring about these changes in the healthcare industry.

Siemens AI for Machine Systems

Detecting discrepancies in machines through datasets and algorithms is the idea behind the automation company Siemens’ Machine System AI. They are also running a project to predict the maintenance and schedule repairs for the train systems. Controlling and monitoring the devices with AI will be critical in predicting future mishaps in the machinery and bringing about solutions for them in advance. Also, an interesting case study to look out for while studying AI.


Learning through application-based artificial intelligence will help you hone your skills in the field. Understanding various case studies for the same is very important and beneficial. Theoretical knowledge will only help you ace your tests, but when it comes to implementing the knowledge in real-world scenarios, you must have proper industry-relevant knowledge.

Want to understand these case studies thoroughly? Well, for that, understanding AI and its branches are vital. Wondering how that can be done? Worry not, because we are here to help you learn Artificial Intelligence with experts! Contact us through chat support or visit our nearest training centers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, or Chennai.

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