Diverse job opportunities after completion of MBA in Fintech

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Technology has expanded its reach into the financial sector. It is essential for the various developments and growth in the domestic and global economies. FinTech is the integration of finance and technology departments. It has now become a separate career with various prospects. 

One of the top qualifications to find a job in the finance sector is an MBA in FinTech. There are various courses available from leading universities both online and offline. An online MBA course will be more convenient and they are equally valuable. 

Online MBA and job opportunities may not seem possible but the fact is, there are diverse opportunities available in various departments. Here are some of those wonderful opportunities. 

  • Business Analyst

A business analyst will combine the various models, workflow, business strategies, etc with the IT systems. This collaboration helps the institutions to study and revise their strategies for maximum benefits and success. It is one of the important ways of improving the overall efficiency and rectifying any mistakes in the business operations. 

  • Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is the responsible person who monitoring the financial flow of the company. Predicting capital requirements, analyzing the financial performance, risk management, etc are a few of the responsibilities of a CFO. MBA in FinTech is one of the requirements to qualify for this job. Having long experience in this field will help them excel at this job opportunity. 

  • Compliance Analysts

Compliance is an emerging field in FinTech that helps companies to improve their product growth. Since this is a part of the regulation of the economy, compliance analysts are in demand. 

  • Financial Analyst

One of the most crucial and popular job opportunities in FinTech is Financial Analyst. The job demands analysis of the financial trends to predict future investment decisions. The analysts must categorize the data in the right manner to achieve the same. Multinational companies are looking for such analysts with higher salaries as well.  

  • Investment Banker

It may seem impossible but with an online MBA course, one can easily be an investment banker having the right skills and expertise. 

  • Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager single-handedly deals with the pooled money of a company or institution. Continuous expiration of the market will be required by them to help the clients to reach their financial targets. 

  • Risk Managers

As the title suggests, risk managers deal with assessing and discerning the company’s financial risks. They must manage the finances without succumbing to losses and must reduce them. 

  • Venture Capital Analyst

The financial industry is dynamic and companies must be on their toes to keep up with their competitors. It is the Venture Capital Analyst who assists them in this task. They must diversify their network and continue working closely with the firms to help them find their capital. 

Online MBA and job opportunities

These days it is not difficult to find an online MBA with job opportunities. Courses such as the MBA In Investment Banking & Equity Research in collaboration with Jain University is one such course.

Students will get the opportunity to get guidance from experts and find them acquainted with all the necessary fields in FinTech. Completing the course will help you find diverse job opportunities in this industry. You will also get proper training and interview assistance. 

Continued mentorship along with flexible timings make this one of the best online MBA courses for professionals and beginners. 


As per the latest trends, demand for MBA graduates in FinTech is still on the rise. A deserving candidate having the required skills is likely to get immediate placement in leading MNCs. 

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