Tips and tricks in AI/ML with python to avoid data leakage

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Data science has emerged as an essential field of work and study in recent times. Thus, a machine learning course can help interested candidates learn more and land lucrative jobs. However, it is also essential to protect data to ensure proper automation.

Now, beginner courses in machine learning and artificial intelligence only teach students to split data or feed the relevant training data to the classifier. But Imarticus Learning’s AI/ML program helps gain the necessary in-depth knowledge. 

Best Ways to Avoid Data Leakage when Using AI/ML with Python

A Python certification from a reputable institute can help one gain proper insight and learn the tricks of using AI or ML with Python. This will enable interested candidates to know about real-world data processing and help them prevent data leakage.

Following are some tips that advanced courses like an artificial intelligence course by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati will teach students. 

  • No Data Preprocessing Before Train-Test Split

There will be a preprocessing method fitted on the complete dataset at times. But one should not use it before the train-test split. If this method transforms the train or test data, it can cause some problems. This will happen because the information obtained from the train set will move on to the test set after data preprocessing. 

  • Use Transform on Train and Test Sets

It is essential to understand where one can use Transform and where one needs to use fit_transform. While one can use Transform on both the train set and the test set, fit_transform cannot be used for a test set. Therefore, it is wise to choose to Transform for a test set and fit_transform for a train set. 

  • Use Pickle and Joblib Methods

The Python Pickle module serializes and deserializes an object structure. However, the Pickle module may not work if the structure is extensive with several numpy arrays. This is when one needs to use the Joblib method. The Joblib tools help to implement lightweight pipelining and transparent disk-caching. 

Following are a few more tricks that help in automation and accurate data analytics when using AI/ML with Python.

  • Utilize MAE score when working on any categorical data. It will help determine the algorithms’ efficiency as the most efficient one will have the lowest case score. 
  • Utilize available heat maps to understand which features can lead to leakage. 
  • When using a Support Vector Machine (SVM), it is crucial to scale the data and ensure that the kernel cache size is adequate. One can regularise and use shrinking parameters to avoid extended training times. 
  • With K-Means and K-Nearest Neighbour algorithms, one should use a good search engine and base all data points on similarities. The K-value should be chosen through the Elbow method, and it should be relevant. 

Learn AI/ML with Python 

A Python certification will be beneficial for those who wish to pursue a career in data science and analytics. However, it is best to choose a course that will offer advanced training. Imarticus Learning’s Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning includes various recent and relevant topics. Apart from using AI/ML with Python, students will also get to work on business projects and use AI Deep Learning methods.

The course curriculum is industry-oriented and developed by IIT Guwahati and the E&ICT Academy. Students can interact with industry leaders, build their skills in AI and Ml through this machine learning course. This course is ideal for understanding the real-world challenges in data science and how AI/ML with Python can help provide solutions. 

The IIT artificial intelligence course from Imarticus Learning helps students become data scientists who excel in their fields of interest. The course offers holistic education in data science through live lectures and real business projects. It is therefore crucial for a rewarding job in the industry. 

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