5 Must Know Things about CFA

CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is a designation, which figures as one of the most prestigious credentials in the world. Essentially divided into three levels, this exam is conducted by the CFA Institute, annually or biannually based on the level of the exam. There are a lot of candidates who strive to achieve this position every year. Here’s a list of 5 things that you must know before you sit for the exam.
What Works For One Doesn’t For the Other 
This holds true especially for the CFA exams, as there are a lot of people attempting them together. It is a practice in a lot of firms of asking their employees to register for the same immediately after they join in. As there are a lot of people attempting the exam, there is a lot of discussion as well. As is common, strategies and study plans are shared and sometimes the same plan is followed by two people. This is something that should be avoided, as a plan might work for one, but wouldn’t for the other. There are many reasons for it, some of which may be that some candidates might have already studied some concepts, study styles would be different and so on.
Only First Time Is the Charm
The exam is divided into three levels and all three of them differ in the level of difficulty. So that means if the first level of the exam might go a little easy, probably because of the candidate probably study more than what is required. This also doesn’t mean that if a person passes the first level with last minute studying, it won’t be the case with level 2. The toughest exam among the three levels is considered to be the level 2 exam by a lot of people. Giving a 100% each time and being consistent about it is what counts more.
Do Not Under/Over-Estimate the CFA Institute
Although it is the CFA institute which conducts the exam, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one must follow each and every word there. It does not bode well to draw theories about the particular concepts posted on their website. So if there have been a lot of postings about a certain topic, it does not necessarily mean that the topic will be tested. At the same time, it is also not right to never consider CFA institute or the study material available there.
Only One Type of Study Format Works
People are different thus different things work for different people. Similarly, different methods of study work for different people. Thus, even when it comes to study formats, some work for a certain person, while the others don’t work at all. It thus becomes very wrong to think that, only paper and pen are the two things that would work for someone. Various study formats exist, conventional like those of pen and paper and non-conventional like audio-visuals, flash-cards, anagrams, mnemonics etc. One must make use of every type of study format.
Revision Is the Key to Success
Cramming till the very last minute has never been able to help anyone. It is very important, especially when it comes to CFA exams, to keep aside a certain amount of time for reviewing and polishing oneself. It is very important to solve the previous year’s papers, which are easily available. It is also important to make sure that you solve as many problems as possible. Apart from that, mock tests are also required.
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