Your Guide To Becoming a Full Stack Web Developer and Learning the MEAN Stack with online course

Full Stack Developer course

Choosing the path of a full-stack developer in the present times is a brilliant move. The demand for this job is increasing globally as the world increasingly becomes dependent on technology. If you’re interested to know how to become a full-stack developer, this article will serve as a guide. 

A full-stack developer has the ability to manage both the front end and the back end of a development project. As a full-stack developer, you will have to manage servers, databases, and clients as a full-stack engineer. The type of stack you use will depend on the project's needs. 

How to become a full-stack developer?

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want to take up an online degree or a full-time in-person degree. Currently, there are a good number of online degree programs that are at par with in-person degrees. These online programs are carefully curated to suit the needs of students who cannot enrol in a full-time in-person degree. These courses also provide world-class guidance from industry leaders as well as great internship and placement opportunities. 

Learn as many relevant programming languages as possible. You will be more valuable to your employer if you know more programming languages. A full-stack developer must possess knowledge of the following programming languages, namely- JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS, SQL, React, Django and Ladash among others. 

Once you have mastered the programming languages, start applying for internships. If you have enrolled in a good course, you are likely to come across good internship opportunities. Make the best use of those opportunities. Build your profile while interning in companies. This will help you bag a job in this competitive sector. 

Try to upskill yourself and meet industry standards. This will increase your chances of landing a good job. There are ample ways to upskill in the present times. Most companies will want to know how well you have used your time and there’s nothing better than upskilling. 

Describe the technology you used in your last experience, your position in the project and display samples of your work to showcase your accomplishments. Your work as a full-stack design professional should show superior technical proficiency. You're prepared to start looking for a job once you've developed a portfolio with at least two completed, polished projects. The correct CV and skill set can grab an employer's attention. Be sure to establish your professional objectives in advance, obtain input on your cover letter, and customise your CV for the particular positions you're looking for.

This was a general guide to becoming a full-stack developer. However, if you want to venture specifically into the concept of  MEAN stack, keep reading. 

What is MEAN Stack? 

If you are interested in full-stack development, you might also want to specialise in MEAN Stack. A JavaScript-based framework for creating web apps is called the MEAN stack. Simply put, A MEAN Stack developer is a full stack developer who focuses on the MEAN Stack of JavaScript.

It is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, which make up the four layers of the stack. Since all of the components are built on JavaScript and JSON, integrating the stack's components is simple and straightforward.


If you want to specifically learn MEAN stack you will have to be proficient in the languages it stands for. In MEAN, the database server is MongoDB, and the server-side framework is Express.js. The client-side framework is Angular. And Node.js is the server's JavaScript runtime. A credible online program can help you become a full-stack developer, specialising in MEAN. 


Be it specialising in MEAN stack or learning full-stack development as a whole, both of them can open lucrative career opportunities for you. Choosing the right MEAN full-stack developer course is all it takes to excel apart from hard work and perseverance. With the Full-stack Developer Pro course by Imarticus, you can get a step closer to a successful career in full-stack development. 

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