The Future of Programmatic Marketing: Machine Learning Certification Course in 2023

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The world has observed rapid growth in Programmatic Marketing. Companies are expanding huge sums of money on programmatic advertisements. It was estimated that companies will spend around $542.31 billion in this industry. This number will continue to grow in the future. 

Machine learning plays a huge role in the industry of programmatic marketing. If you are willing to commence a career in programmatic marketing, then you will require an online machine learning certification course. In this article, we will discuss the future of programmatic marketing and the role of machine learning in it. 

What is Machine Learning?

One of the most important subfields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Machine Learning (ML). Machine learning allows a machine to remember and learn without any complicated programming language. The learning procedure is only possible by identifying patterns and analysing data. Industries around the globe can enhance their business and marketing by simply using machine learning. This technology furthermore strives to comprehend the customers and their behaviours. 

What is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic Marketing is the distribution of advertisement that does not involve any human being. In other words, this means selling and buying products with the help of advanced software in the digital space. To target customers, programmatic marketing extracts data like age, location as well as interest. This helps the companies to easily target their customers and yield more percentages. 

How is Machine Learning Used in the Field of Programmatic Marketing?


As we already know the definitions of machine learning and programmatic marketing, let's learn how these two aspects are interdependent. Machine learning is mainly used in programmatic marketing to extract and analyse data from myriad sources. It also sorts customer data patterns and assists companies to understand their customers. This helps these companies to enhance themselves as well as their services and campaigns. For example, a retailer may use the insights to check the items the customers purchased during a particular season so that they can yield more revenue in the next year.

Machine learning can even target customers from various sources like social media and online traffic to advertise a particular product of a particular company. Like this, it can enhance the performance of the advertisements as well as the reach of the products. If a company is willing to increase its reach and campaign performance, then opting for machine learning will be the wisest decision.

What Does the Future of Programmatic Marketing Store for Us?

The future of programmatic marketing is very bright and will keep on growing. Companies are already investing huge sums of money in this arena and this investment will increase in the future. As the world is getting dependent on programmatic marketing, many modifications will take place in future. Here we have discussed a few of those modifications. 

Supply Path Optimisation (SPO)

Supply Path Optimisation is a very new term and is being used very recently. However, according to the predictions, the usage of SPO will only increase in the future. The main purpose of SPO is to make the supply chain easier between publishers and advertisers.

Demand Path Optimisation (DPO)

Demand Path Optimisation is the inverse of Supply Path Optimisation. Its emphasis is on the buying factors rather than the selling factors.  When DPO is incorporated with SPO they create better transparent terms with the potential buyers.  DPO can boost revenues and reduce unnecessary risks from ad vendors.

Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio is something very similar to display advertising. However, here advertisements are played in the form of audio. This method can be used on the radio, podcasts and music streaming applications. 

A World Without Any Cookies 

Industries are planning to eradicate all the cookies used by third parties. By the end of 2023 companies are willing to terminate the two decades old practice. Subsequently, brands and marketers will use solutions that are user-oriented and will focus on privacy as well. 


If you want to commence a career in programmatic marketing then you must enrol yourself in a certificate program in data science and machine learning. This online course will help you to earn the requisite skills and knowledge about programmatic advertisements. Besides, this program will also open many opportunities for those who want to commence a data scientist career. So without any further delay enrol yourself on the certified program by Imarticus Learning.

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