Why learning online is an obvious choice in 2022: Cybersecurity edition

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Why learning online is an obvious choice in 2022: Cybersecurity edition

Ethical hacking is a coveted job role in today's world. It pays well and is always in demand. It also enables skilled professionals to work on complex projects. Ethical hacking is a key pillar of cybersecurity. It is a comprehensive domain that ensures the secure and sustainable existence of online systems, networks, applications, and information clouds. Without cybersecurity, many systems would be compromised. Trained ethical hackers help achieve cybersecurity goals.

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In this blog, let us delve into ethical hacking. What is it, and how can you learn ethical hacking to become an expert in this field? Let us also look at why a Cybersecurity Certification Online Course can be more useful than regular university courses.

Why learn ethical hacking online

As technology evolves, the cyber world keeps on facing fresh threats. For instance, fraudulent hackers are breaking into the systems of firms such as banks. They end up defrauding millions of consumers. To keep these incidents from happening, firms hire ethical hackers. They are equipped with the same skills as fraudulent hackers. There is only one difference. They use their skills to do good. Here are some key reasons to learn ethical hacking in an online course.

Dynamic learning environment

Most universities do not draft a curriculum that covers the full spectrum of topics that ethical hackers need to excel in their field. On the other hand, a current cybersecurity certification online course keeps pace with the ongoing development in the field. An online course offers theoretical and conceptual understanding. It also offers learners access to the major tools. Live training in online courses helps students hone their skills.

A comprehensive curriculum

The curriculum of a well-designed cybersecurity certification online course covers the full spectrum of topics. The topics include:

Networking Fundamentals

Operating System & Security

Information Security

Cloud Security

Ethical hacking

Incident handling

New technologies – IoT, Big Data, AI, DevOps

Security Operations Center expert

Penetration tester

Innovative on-demand content

With a Cybersecurity Online Course, students can choose to learn at their own pace. Virtual courses give learners access to on-demand resources in many formats, such as videos, podcasts, eBooks, self-assessments, and PDFs. This rich collection of information is accessible at any time and from anywhere. The content is a click away on one’s smartphone.

Certification matters

One recommendation is to ensure that your cyber security online course is certified. Find out and confirm the credentials of the certifying body to know its status among hiring teams. An example of a stellar choice is the certification by The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. The EC-Council is also known for its Certified Ethical Hacker Practical certification. Courses certified by bodies such as EC-Council have additional perks. This includes access to iLabs, where learners practice hundreds of cybersecurity problems.

Hone skills with live projects

Live instructor-led training is a core engagement pillar of virtual programs. Capstone projects are also important. This is a live simulation where learners get to test their knowledge of theory and hone their skills. They do this by working on a real-world problem in a dynamic environment. Learners can also use a range of tools to solve problems. Examples include ETTERCAP, Metasploit, acunetix, BURPSUITE, and AirCrack-Ing.

Career development support

At the end of any program, learners want to be gainfully employed. Modern virtual programs emphasise a holistic career development framework. This includes access to mentors from the industry, engagement with the alumni network, and the chance to attend guest lectures by industry stalwarts. A structured placement process, resume-building, and interview skill-building support complete the circle.

Continue to earn as you learn.

Another advantage of pursuing a Cybersecurity Online Course is the duration. This course is just six months long. This is a boon for those who cannot take time off for their studies. Online courses ensure that professionals continue to work. Unlike traditional degree programs, a virtual course does not entail leaving your job or taking a break.

In Conclusion

Today, cybersecurity professionals can command a salary in the range of INR 15 to 40 lakhs based on their skill level. The demand-supply ratio is very skewed. There is a gap that needs to be filled with the presence of highly skilled professionals. By pursuing a cybersecurity certification online course, students can gain a competitive edge and carve a niche in this field.

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