10 Best Practices for A Digital Onboarding Experience

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10 Best Practices for A Digital Onboarding Experience


Many firms provide a good staff experience outside the workplace, such as good on-site services, world-class eating alternatives, and so on. However, because the firm’s processes are ignored, it may still deal with a high staff turnover rate.

Fixing the inner process to ensure a useful working atmosphere for their staff is just as vital as other bonuses in keeping them. One such inner process is a digital employee onboarding solution.

According to Glassdoor research, firms with a solid onboarding process increase new staff engagement by 82% and productivity by 70%. Keep reading the blog to grasp better what staff can anticipate from digital employee onboarding.

10 Best Practices

Apply these practices to have the best digital onboarding solution programme:

  1. Digital education and training

In a nutshell, onboarding entails providing recruits with the resources to carry out their jobs easily. Learning and growth must thus be vital parts of the digital onboarding training solution. Adding learning modules is an intelligent method to prepare new hires for success.

  1. Before entering the workplace, begin onboarding

Starting integration as soon as possible is essential to securing new staff. It often happens for a person to accept the offer letter but rescind it right before their first day.

  1. Welcome workmates

HR teammates are the new staff's first touch point with the company. Thus, their role is to make them feel at ease on their initial day. On the first day of work, introduce the new hire to staff with whom they'll tend to engage.

  1. Supply them with resources

Ensure the staff has all needed for their job to assure a successful onboarding process. Please make sure that their work PC has all the needed software. In addition, provide them with an onboarding kit filled with welcome gifts from the firm.

  1. Start without delay

The minute a person meets with their firm, the onboarding process gets started. Once they've been chosen, provide them with the onboarding papers and any paperwork they need to complete. Create a subtle space to help staff.

  1. Encourage a pleasant workplace

Creating a welcoming and cozy space is vital for a recruit to feel at home in the firm. Plan team dinners and other events so the team can get to know one another in a less formal setting.

  1. Create a checklist for new hires

Since an employee onboarding solution involves several processes, it's simple to overlook some of them. A checklist for onboarding new staff makes it easy to remember all that needs to be done.

  1. Offer top-notch training

Following the introductions, it's time to begin training. When choosing digital onboarding training solutions, methods and resources are two vital things. There is little chance that their activity will be successful in the long run if they only take classroom lessons.

  1. New methods of communication

Building teams and overcoming early communication obstacles require effective introductions. Use entertaining polls, surveys, and icebreakers to get staff members talking to one another.

  1. Adapt digital onboarding to remote usage

The vast majority of firms now allow staff to work from home. When working remotely, connecting them to the workplace may be quite challenging and help them become used to the culture.


These are some of the best onboarding expert methods that firms should keep in mind as they look towards a new year filled with successful hires and sustained engagement. In addition, don't forget to include a digital onboarding solution during the departure and offboarding interviews.

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