Why are financial planning and analysis courses the best choice for freshers?

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Due to the rise of technology in the financial services and banking sector, fintech has become one of the most rewarding career options for freshers. Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is primarily an in-house finance role in the corporate world. Notably, FP&A in a financial institution is responsible for two primary activities, namely planning, and analysis. After performing analyses, they provide these results to senior executive and management officials for taking strategic, financial, and operational decisions. 

Reasons why are FP&A Courses the Best Choice for Freshers

FP&A and financial technology courses are some of the most sort-after study programs for freshers in recent times. The primary reason behind it is the availability of employment opportunities. Moreover, various entry-level positions are available in the job market as an FP&A analyst. 

Furthermore, individuals can climb up the corporate ladder from this position by switching employers or moving internally to be a manager or a director with a higher pay scale. Besides, the lucrative salary structure also attracts qualified individuals to apply for entry-level positions.  

Moreover, an initial position in FP&A provides a base for candidates to switch different job roles. So, apart from moving in singular dimensions, individuals might get an opportunity to diversify their career graph. Individuals who become financial analysts work in sectors like: 

  • Banks
  • Investment advisory firms
  • Financial planning institutions
  • Government regulatory firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Portfolio management providers

After knowing why this is the best course for freshers, it is also essential to know the activities in detail. As mentioned earlier, two primary activities of FP&A are:


  • Planning 


Major businesses run on plans, forecasts, and budgets. Hence, planning for a business focusing on budgets, historical performance and trends are one of the most significant responsibilities of an FP&A professional. Hence, there might be an FP&A team that works as a central force and collaborates with other teams within the workforce.   


  • Analyses 


FP&A is also responsible for analyzing various data to figure out underlying trends and stories. These provide strategic insights into an organization's goals that allow them to take decisions and set goals better. 

Why work in FP&A? 

Working in FP&A is an exciting career in fintech. Candidates have the opportunity to work closely with multiple teams within a company for executing decision-making. Also, they might be working alongside CFO and offer assistance in operating budgets, long-term planning, and capital spending. 

How to Start a Career in Fintech?

So, it is pretty evident that the fintech sector is very suitable for freshers due to the availability of jobs, exciting responsibilities, and lucrative salaries. But, to become a financial analyst, one must know about the steps to do it. 


  • Obtain a Relevant Bachelor’s Degree


To be a financial analyst, one must complete a relevant undergraduate degree in a relevant field. For example, a degree in commerce, economics, statics, or a related field can be relevant to the financial analyst position. 


  • Obtain Necessary Certification 


Earning a bachelor's degree might not be enough to be a financial analyst. So, to meet industry requirements and obtain job-specific knowledge, getting a fintech certification might be needed. This will prove the credibility and knowledge of a candidate. Moreover, some of the best fintech courses in India have aligned their structure for specific job roles related to the industry. 

Hence, a career in fintech can be gratifying for new individuals who are willing to start their careers in the financial sector. Moreover, as this section of the job is an amalgamation of technology and finance, it can provide myriad job opportunities with challenging job roles and lucrative salaries that will help them reach new heights.   

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